Board meetings can be highly productive, or they can be a train wreck and everything in between. 


In this program, you’ll see, hear and experience what makes a great board meeting productive, and how to avoid the traps and pitfalls which many boards fall into.


This program goes into different issues than meeting procedure. It goes into the whole running of a board, and how to make a board effective for the organisation which it represents. 


We’ll look at the following:-

  • The types of roles that people play
  • What the essentials are and what the non-negotiables are
  • Some of the problems that arise from ineffective boards
  • You’ll hear some horror stories that will shock you about things that have happened in boards. 
  • Not everyone on boards is there for the right reason, and how to identify those people
  • How to deal with toxic people who make it very difficult for the board to progress
  • How to implement the 3GN principle – the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number – together with the 3E principle, which is Effective, Efficient and Equitable. 
  • David will show you how to make your board run like a well-oiled machine so you get the results you want for your organisation