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History’s most powerful leaders all have one thing in common:
They’ve mastered the art of powerful communication.

David has more than 35 years experience in public speaking, high-stakes meeting facilitation, coaching and training.

He gives current and emerging leaders the skills and confidence to own the room whenever they speak.

Our Services

Pitching & Presentation Skills

Every time you speak your leadership skills are on show
Public Speaking
Executive Presentation Skills
Elevator Pitches

Effective Meetings

Respected leaders know how to chair highly productive meetings
Double your productivity and halve your meeting times
Impartial Chair for difficult meetings

Motivational Speaker

.Looking for a speaker to energise, inspire your audience and make them laugh? 

You’re in the right place


Strategic Planning Facilitator

When you need a meaningful outcome from a key strategic meeting, you can rely on David’s 30+ years of facilitation to get the best outcome for your team or organisation

Professional Meeting Facilitator


Do you want a custom package to cater to your specific requirements?
Ask us for a tailor made solution to match your needs.

35 Years Of Experience

Why Clients Choose David Julian Price?

I work with leaders and their teams to own the room when they speak or chair a meeting.
I show you and your team how to cut meetings in half and double the results.

Who We Are


When you need good solid content with no fluff, David Price is the coach you need. His style is direct, interactive and engaging, ensuring the audience stays awake and leaves with takeaway techniques to implement that day. He is an expert presentation skills coach, meeting procedure sage, author, conference speaker and communications skills educator, able to explain complex ideas in simple terms.



I’m the ‘talent behind the talent’ at David Julian Price Consulting. When David’s in his zone of genius as a speaking and meetings coach, his eyes light up. I’m not kidding. When you love doing things that most people avoid, you know you’ve found your calling, and it’s a privilege and a delight to support my husband in this way – Denise Price



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