The second expedition on my Local Government quest

I’m on a quest to visit every local government council meeting in the Perth metropolitan area. There are 29. On each expedition I will write about what I find. The second expedition on my quest was the Town of Cambridge. The Mayor, Keri Shannon, is a lawyer and it showed – in a good way. She moved fast, but not too fast. She was precise in everything she said and moved through the agenda both efficiently and effectively. There was a major issue being considered and the public gallery was standing room only into the overflow room. The Mayor and the councillors showed great patience with the public who wanted to speak with almost every person saying almost exactly the same thing. After the major issue was resolved, the meeting proceeded through the agenda in a business-like manner under the Mayor’s guidance. The senior staff were asked a number of questions, either directly by the Mayor, or through the Mayor and their answers were concise. A very good attribute. 27 council meetings to go.

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