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Building your skills to speak impromptu is the fastest path to confident speaking

Impromptu speaking, also known as spontaneous speaking, thinking on your feet or speaking at a moment’s notice, is scary – really scary. But it’s a skill that can be learned and once you have the skill, doors can open for you that would have been out of reach.

Just as playing golf or painting can be learned, you can also learn the speaking and presenting skills that contribute towards becoming more confident in your professional and personal life.

If you’re feeling as if you’re being passed over for promotions, or your opinions aren’t acknowledged at work or in social situations, it could be you need training in how to speak at short notice.

Employers look for these 3 qualities…


‘Book-SMARTS’       ‘People-SMARTS’          ‘Speaking-SMARTS’


Speaking at short notice adds to your confidence quotient and is one of the most important ways to improve your people skills.

And the best way to grow your people skills is to practice regularly. Joining a public speaking club such as Rostrum or Toastmasters, is a positive way to practice in front of like-minded people.

A secret no more. Cracking the code to speaking with confidence

The first secret….


….. to speaking confidently at short notice is to focus on the “how” of your presentation from a global perspective. (For more explanation what this actually means go to the presentations skills page.)


“HOW” you present is all about your physiology – how you stand, move, your body language being congruent with the “what” of your words and message. For example, a power pose can lift your confidence immediately without you saying a word. 


Focusing on how you implement the necessary skills needed whenever you present, is similar to any other craft you choose to perfect.


Just as accomplished golfers get to the top of their game by implementing minor adjustments to their form, they also practise until it’s right. It’s the same when learning to be able to speak at short notice. This method is called hot-seat coaching. 


You learn faster this way as you see results immediately. They may only be small results at first, but each step you accomplish, adds to your speaking confidence tally.


“What” you say is important – very important. But it’s the “how” that will make or break your presentation.


Confident speaking is something we underestimate the importance of. If you’re envious of others who speak confidently, thinking you can’t be like them, well, actually, you can. And David Julian Price shows you how.

The second secret….


….Learn from the master – You can’t BE what you can’t SEE


When you’re guided along your spontaneous speaking journey by a professional presentations skills coach with 35+ years of experience such as David Julian Price, he’ll demonstrate how and what to do for you to emulate. He calls this style of coaching Hot-Seat Coaching.


The coaching is done in chunks, just as you would if you were learning to play golf or paint a picture. One technique is mastered at a time.


Your confidence grows faster as your presentation skills are mastered


Without confidence we get stuck, and when you get stuck, it’s hard to get started. To build the muscle of confidence, you should practice the art of speaking impromptu.


The third secret….



…. to impromptu speaking is your memory, and learning how to tap into this. All of us have stored memories, experiences, good, bad, indifferent. This is what you draw on when you need to speak spontaneously.


Speaking spontaneously means “being prepared”


David Julian Price will teach you a formula so that you can quickly prepare in your mind what you need to say and how you need to say it. The Spontaneous Speaking System will teach you many techniques so you can handle situations such as this.


Example of a situation where you need to speak impromptu…


You’re in a meeting and you’ve been asked a question that requires an intelligent answer. You may have to present your point of view, which requires background knowledge and you won’t have time to prepare.




The ‘Speaking-SMARTS’ model to conquer Spontaneous Speaking

  • Always be ready to speak
  • Suss out the Situation – or as millennials say…. Suss the Sitch
  • Take a position
  • Delve into your memories and experience
  • Use Anecdotes, Analogies, Metaphors and Stories
  • Use the Powerful Rule of 3
  • End with a So what?

The need to communicate so that your message is understood clearly is more important than ever in today’s world. This means everyone – whether you’re at work, at home, on a committee – the skills to speak at short notice and often with no notice at all, is essential. Especially for anyone who is, or aspires to be in a leadership position.


Research shows the perceptions we make when someone speaks with confidence at short notice:-


  • We believe they’re more trustworthy as they speak from the heart
  • We believe charismatic leaders who can think on their feet are better leaders
  • We believe they’re more authentic as their speech is unscripted

To be ready to seize the right opportunities to speak anywhere, anytime at short notice, you must first have the right mental mindset.


A Leader’s Impromptu Mindset


  • Have the intention to lead. You must have the desire to move others by shaping their opinions, influencing their actions, or connecting with them on a human level.
  • Be a good listener. This is a 3-part process of having the correct body language (non-verbals) to be congruent with your words, mentally and actively listening, and listening emotionally without letting your feelings get in the way.
  • Be authentic by embracing the values and beliefs that represent leadership.
  • Be focused by speaking clearly and succinctly what you need to say
  • Be respectful of everyone in your organisation

Find out more about the Speaking Spontaneously course.


Impromptu speaking is known by many other names

Such as extemporaneous speaking, thinking on your feet, speaking off the cuff, spontaneous speaking, unscripted speaking or speaking at short notice. These are many of the names used to describe the ability to speak at a moment’s notice and you look like you’ve prepared.


David ran the coaching session with passion, precision, and leadership. The lessons in public speaking, content and presence were insightful and valuable. I’m looking forward to practising what I’ve learnt and put into practice with confidence the skills I now have to deliver my new pitch to my business network. I would urge anyone in business to attend one of David’s workshops to gain from his knowledge in the field of public speaking. Thank you, David.


Susan Carson – WestBas Cashflow Crusader

David Price helps others walk tall, in what they say, and in how they present. It’s a play on David’s catch cry, and how true it is… David gave us all a very clear succinct business intro message that was awesome. And to have a framework by which to recreate different versions of that message was stellar. Love your work David.


Peter Butler  – Smarter Websites

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