Everyone has been to a meeting or presentation when the person who is speaking is a waffler. They just don’t get to the point and there’s no clarity. This program makes sure you’re not one of them. 


This program shows you how to hone your message so it’s concise and crystal clear to the audience. 


There’s almost no message that cannot be transmitted to an audience effectively in 3-minutes or less. 


Now I know you’ll be thinking that my message is very complex. Yes, I understand that, but there needs to be a 3-minute version of virtually every message. The 3-minute version may in fact end up being the introduction to a longer session, where you can give more detail. 


The mistake that is often made is that it’s believed the detail is what will convince the audience. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 


The more detail that’s provided, the less the audience is likely to be influenced. You may not get ‘buy-in’ due to the complexity of your message.


The way to get buy-in is to be able to get your message over concisely and clearly, so they can decide whether they’re interested or not interested. The more content you provide, usually the less impactful you are on an audience. The exception to this is if you have an audience that is totally engaged in the content. 


If you’re in a situation where the audience needs to be persuaded or influenced, then making a point concisely can win the day. If you win over the audience as a person, then the audience warms to you, and you are much more likely to get your message across. 


Being concise and clear is crucial, and that’s what this workshop is all about.

Lunch & Learn

45 – 75 minutes

2 hour


Half Day


Full day


Small group or

individual coaching

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in person face to face