Even Santa needs an elevator pitch

how to pitch your business

A jolly “ho ho ho” won’t cut the mustard if you want to ring the bell as Santa. You’ve got to impress the shopping centre bosses with more Santa sass than that. Santas only work around 4 weeks of the year so their pitch has to sparkle straight away. Would your pitch sleigh them in […]

Which is more important when you speak or present – content or delivery?

Content and delivery

Think about receiving a parcel. I have one coming today and I’m looking forward to receiving it. The delivery is crucial – it doesn’t matter what the contents are. If the delivery fails the whole thing is irrelevant. It’s exactly the same with presenting. If the delivery is poor, it doesn’t really matter about the […]

Is it nepotism if a husband and wife serve together on the same committee?

nepotism in meetings

QUESTION – A vacancy occurred on a committee and a man said his wife would be happy to fill it. The committee was in need of new members, so the group was happy to accept her. Is this good for the organisation? ANSWER From a governance perspective, there is technically nothing which disallows a husband […]

Biting the bullet on the people who are deadwood in your organisation

Bite the bullet on people who are deadwood in your organisation Recently I was working with a client and had an interesting conversation with a senior manager. The client was a very large organisation which employed thousands of people. The topic of deadwood came up – people who were not performing satisfactorily. I asked him […]

How many times should you practise a presentation?

We all know you need to practice before you present. But when it really matters, and your job could be on the line, what is the ideal number? Is it 5, 10 or 20 times? I was working with a large law firm who had been asked to make a presentation to a bank which […]

Why the difference between misinformation and disinformation in meetings matters

Why the difference between misinformation and disinformation in meetings matters The meaning of misinformation is often merged with that of disinformation, but they are not interchangeable. You cannot put them together as they are very different. Disinformation is when someone deliberately misleads by sending biased or manipulated facts on purpose. Often the data is crafted […]