In the old days, an elevator pitch was said to be 40 seconds because it took 40 seconds for an elevator or lift to go from the ground floor to the 15th floor. Nowadays you can say an effective pitch in as little as 4 seconds. Elevator pitches today are shorter than they used to be, and they’re used more often and can be varying lengths, depending on the event.


Elevator pitches are used at networking groups, they’re used in meetings, and in organisations and in teams they’re used all the time. 


Unfortunately, most people wing it. And when they wing it, often they don’t give the professional elevator pitch they wish they had done. Almost everyone, in my experience, says after they’ve winged it, they could have done better. 


There is a solid foundation in saying a memorable pitch and it’s this:-

  • Firstly – it needs to be developed and designed
  • Secondly – it needs to be learned and rehearsed
  • Thirdly – it must be concise, clear, and have a benefit
  • Fourthly – it should be 60 seconds or less


Most people cannot give a great elevator pitch by speaking off the cuff. There are some who can, but they are rare. Most of us need to learn how to develop and deliver our elevator pitch for it to be memorable and to pack a punch. 


This is a totally interactive and participative workshop where everyone receives hot-seat coaching on their pitch. All attendees bounce off the energy of the people in the room and benefit from the experience and ideas from the group. Just as a conductor sets the tone of the orchestra, professional pitch coach David Julian Price sets the tone and rhythm, seamlessly managing the energy of the group. Not only does this result in some very creative pitches, it’s also a whole lot of fun.

Lunch & Learn

45 – 75 minutes

Staff Meeting

30 – 90 minutes

2 hour


Half Day


Full day




Small group or

individual coaching

Virtual or

in person face to face