A Killer Elevator Pitch is your secret weapon if really want to get noticed Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. You need to be concise and be crystal clear if you want to be remembered. At David Price’s Killer Elevator Pitch program, you’ll learn the science behind crafting and presenting a pitch to die for. In 60 seconds or less, your audience will understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them, opening doors to business opportunities that were previously closed. This workshop is for…. 
  • Anyone who needs to pitch themselves, a product or a service.
  • Anyone who needs to give a pitch or introduce themselves at a networking event.
  • Anyone who needs to speak in front of people as part of their business.
  • Anyone who is pitching to stakeholders to raise money for charity
Whether you’re totally terrified or super confident – this workshop is for you. You’ll experience on the spot coaching that gets results fast. David Julian Price is the Elevator Pitch Coach that leaders choose to work with, because he knows how to get results quickly. His unique “Hot-Seat Coaching System” works on both the design and delivery of your elevator pitch. It’s unlike any other presentation skills and communication workshops out there. David knows how to stretch you so that your speaking, your confidence and your competence grows. His coaching system is not a “one size fits all” approach. Every person has different strengths and challenges – you’ll get a pitch that is uniquely yours. It’s Fast. It’s Unique. It’s Direct. You’ll walk away with a crystal clear, memorable & persuasive pitch. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll move from average to awesome Benefits of group coaching 
  • You’ll get Group validation of your elevator pitch speech & how you say it
  • The other participants are your test audience. You receive audience feedback instantly on what works and what doesn’t.
  • This interactive style of coaching results in a greater understanding of how people think, what they see and hear, so you know how to adapt your pitch.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Half-day Pitching and Presenting Bootcamp – 9am – 1pm Walk away with a killer elevator pitch $254 GST inclusive To book visit: https://events.humanitix.com/elevatorpitch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What previous attendees have said:- Dave Edward – The Customer Experience Guy “I’ve just completed a course with David Julian Price and I’m absolutely in awe of how he managed to digest what we were telling him and turn it into a pitch and to actually remember it himself. It was absolutely fantastic! He made everyone feel relaxed with some fun presentation ideas and exercises before working with us individually to create a memorable pitch uniquely tailored to each of us. If anyone wants a great pitch and gain confidence sign up for this course.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There’s a formula behind a good elevator pitch. Pitches don’t necessarily need to be long. Look at this one – If you’re hot and you want to be cool, call me. Christian from Ford and Doonan Air Conditioning   For customised in-house corporate training delivered exclusively for your organisation contact us – david@davidprice.com or 0418 888 018.
You’ll learn how to give a killer elevator pitch that builds trust when the message matters