There are many areas where speaking confidently and with clarity benefits your career and life…

  • How to frame and deliver a relevant story in the boardroom or meeting room to drive home your message
  • Pitching your service or product at a networking group, an event or potential client
  • How to pitch your idea anywhere, anytime – whether it’s a local government issue, community group or stakeholders’ meeting
  • How to speak at a moment’s notice so it looks like you prepared
  • When the outcome is critical, hot-seat one-on-one coaching takes your skill to the next level, fast-tracking your speaking finesse

Pitch Coaching

There are three types of pitches.

The first is what is commonly called the elevator pitch; it’s 30 to 40 seconds long generally, although it can be a little shorter or a little longer.

The second type of pitch is the pitch that’s a tiny bit longer, two to three minutes traditionally, where someone may be standing in front of a group of people giving them an understanding of what they do or what they’re about or what the issue is.

The third type of pitch is a much longer pitch which may be 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, sometimes even longer.

David Julian Price coaches people in pitching.  Pitching is different to presenting in most situations, because the purpose must be articulated clearly.  One of the issues that is addressed right at the beginning is defining your crystal clear purpose, so that there is clarity for not only the person making the pitch, but more importantly, for the people who are receiving the pitch. The purpose needs to be simple and absolutely crystal clear for your audience to understand it.

It does not matter what your topic is, nor what service you are offering, nor what the product is.  David’s goal is to bring all your strengths out in the pitching and make sure that any challenges you may have, which some people might call weaknesses, but he prefers to call challenges; to make sure that they’re played down.

David will give you practical methods to deal with things that you may have that get in the way, for instance, people who say umm a lot, or have an accent, or a service that is very common, or an unusual product or service :- David can deal with all of these relatively easily so that you will get more response from your pitch as it will be unique to your product and your personality.

David has the ability to work with your words and style, throw them in the air, and remix it all so that you end up with a punchier and more memorable pitch where people will seek you out afterwards to connect with you.

The pitch coaching will work on any style of pitch so that you get the results that you want.


Coaching for Managers, Executives and Leaders

One-on-One or Group Coaching

If you have an important presentation coming up where the outcome is crucial, I’ll give you a realistic view of how long it will take for you to achieve this. Soon after we start working together, I’ll know what you need to do, how you need to frame it, how you need to say it, and how much practice is required. I’m not afraid to stretch your comfort zone gradually, allowing your skills to increase exponentially. 

Everyone is different, I don’t try to fit you into a mould. I look for each person’s uniqueness as there are gems in everyone. My challenge is to find those gems and tease them out so your personality comes through every time you speak. I empower you to be authentic, persuasive and influential.

The reason my clients choose me is that I work fast. I’ve developed a model that enables you to get to an end result that’s high quality, very quickly. 

I’ve been coaching people just like you to speak, present and pitch for over 35 years. I’m a member of the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame and I hold the Global designated fellow which only about 45 people have.

My typical clients are managers, supervisors, C-Suite executives, politicians from all political persuasions from all levels of government, entrepreneurs, local government, NFP’s, managers and volunteers, anyone who needs to speak in the workplace.