AGMs must be chaired properly or the meeting is invalidated and must be held again. To get it right the first time, you need someone with a depth of knowledge and experience to ensure compliance and governance is adhered to.

  • Fair – When impartiality is crucial
  • Firm – Skills to manage conflict calmly
  • Focused – 3GN philosophy – Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
  • Efficient – Communication & meetings expertise
  • Effective – Authored 4 books on meeting procedures
  • Equitable – Knowledge & application of rules & procedures

David Julian Price, an impartial chairperson who is….

Fair, Firm, Focused  &  Efficient, Effective, Equitable

As an author of 4 books on meeting procedures over 35+ years, David brings a depth of knowledge and experience to every aspect of chairing a meeting. All agenda items are dealt with in an appropriate manner that is fair, firm and focused.

Applying his knowledge of how to blend the formal and informal meeting procedures is vital when chairing challenging meetings. This allows contentious issues to be handled using processes so the meeting runs efficiently. Standard issues can be handled using informal procedures, allowing the meeting to flow better.

A deep understanding of meeting procedures is necessary to be able to effectively blend both forms, which is the modern way of meetings.

Blending formal + informal procedures = Modern Melded Meeting Procedures

As an experienced chairperson, David manages the highs and lows of emotions, understands the complexities of constitutions, compliance and governance, and knows how to deal with challenging situations using processes.

He is always impartial as the meeting decisions are the will of the group. It is his job to find the correct and calmest way for the group to make the decisions that need to be made.

When you hire David as an impartial independent chairperson, the group can see the intent is equitable and reasonable, which allows the space for more open discussion.