A person who looks at anything from the outside sees things differently from those who are inside. 


David Price is an experienced meeting advisor and consultant and offers a service of sitting in and observing your meeting and reporting back to you what he sees. Such as issues that may be creating problems or potentially creating problems, as well as things that are working really well. 


David shares with the chair and often the entire meeting his observations because he sees what those inside the meeting, don’t see and can’t see.


Everyone who has engaged David for a meeting diagnostic is amazed at what he sees. He’s been described as a hawk, metaphorically hovering above the meeting, observing both everything globally as well as the specific detail.


David’s meeting diagnostics are not there to find fault. In fact, they’re there to find what’s working best. He’s also there to provide suggestions on how greater productivity or efficiency or effectiveness can be gained, usually with relatively minor changes. 


David’s managed to get a 2-hour meeting down to 15 minutes for a client, and also managed to get a 2 ½ hour meeting down to 40 minutes for a client, all by observing what they do and making suggestions for change. In both of these examples, once the meetings were shortened using David’s suggestions, were in fact considerably more productive. It was a win, win. 


Invite David to sit in on your meeting, you’ll be surprised at what he sees.