Meeting Manager or Meeting Co-ordinator

An efficient meeting manager is essential in every organisation

An efficient meeting manager is essential in every organisation

A dedicated meeting manager will minimise the time it takes to prepare for all the meetings you have. As they’ll have knowledge of the status of items to add to the agenda from previous meetings, the process becomes more efficient and effective over time.

Consider these survey statistics to help you understand why you need someone dedicated to managing your meetings…

• It found that employees and managers frequently spend an equal amount of time preparing for a meeting as the time they attend it. Talk about time-consuming.
• The average corporate employee spends four hours preparing for and attending meetings each week and it goes up significantly the higher on the corporate ladder you are.
• Employees multitask in at least 41% of meetings on things such as checking emails, texting and checking their social media. (Would you call that good use of their time?)

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