If you volunteer and attend community meetings, many use formal meeting procedures. 


The groups who use formal meeting procedures could be a not for profit board or committee, a community group, or it could be local government, or it could be a union meeting or a church meeting.


If you haven’t been exposed to formal meeting procedures before it all may sound a bit strange. Meeting procedures scare some people but this is only because they don’t understand it. In fact, it’s a very simple process once you learn the basics. 


In this particular program, you’ll learn:-

  • The 2 types of motions
  • How to move them
  • When to move them and what they do
  • You’ll learn what you can do 
  • And you’ll learn what you can’t do
  • You’ll learn how to make sure you’re fully compliant with your constitution and your bylaws and any legislation that may apply. 


WHY you should understand meeting procedure and HOW it will benefit your group


  • Power people often use meeting procedures to bully other people in the group.
  • Once you understand and implement the meeting procedures, you’re ahead of the pack and you’ll raise the bar on your participation in meetings. 
  • Your group will be able to make better decisions as the process makes it clearer
  • There will be less conflict at meetings


This program is a participative workshop which means you will grasp the content much better. Examples will be used throughout the day to explain why you do what you do.


Even though the topic sounds boring, the information is presented in an engaging and entertaining way so that it will make sense to you and you’ll be able to use it at your next meeting.