Public Speaker Fear & Fear Of Public Speaking

Once I overcame my fear of being a public speaker, this happened…​

“My job recently changed where I was required to facilitate meetings on risk management. I’d been putting this off for months as I was terrified of getting up and speaking in front of my work colleagues.


The reckoning time came. No longer could I hide behind my computer. No longer could I avoid the fear. David Price was coaching all the staff in communication skills, and that included me.


He got me up in front of the whole audience and I couldn’t speak. My colleagues before me were confident and words came easily. Not me. I froze.


David calmly distracted my fear by asking me questions about my life before I moved to Australia. He kept me talking about things I knew and loved. He made me feel safe to speak.


I couldn’t believe it. David gave me some presentation tips along the way, and soon I was speaking confidently in front of a room full of my work colleagues. They all leaned forward in their chairs, listening to every word, wanting to hear what I had to say. Not only that, I had them laughing too.


15 minutes on the spot coaching from David was life-changing.”


Marlene –  Organisation withheld by request.

What it felt like once Marlene freed herself from her fear of public speaking

Observation from a work colleague on Marlene’s transformation


“It was like she was a different person. When I saw Marlene the next day and asked her how she felt, she said she hadn’t felt this fantastic for a long time.


She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this way. She’s now realised she can tell a story just as well as anyone else. She now knows that people are interested in what she has to say.


After she finished speaking the audience gave her a standing ovation. I think it’s the nicest thing that’s ever happened to her. She was married to a man for years who never gave her any credit or praise.


So for David to have freed her from that feeling that she’s never going to be good enough, and for her to believe that she is good enough, is just the most wonderful gift that he could give to anyone.”


JWOrganisation withheld by request.


A common Rookie mistake to avoid when starting your public speaking journey 


For instant context, let’s compare your early public speaking presentations to receiving a parcel. I have one coming today and I’m looking forward to receiving it.


The delivery of the parcel is crucial. It doesn’t matter what the contents are. If the delivery fails the whole thing is irrelevant.


It’s exactly the same when presenting. If the delivery is poor, it doesn’t really matter about the content.

The science behind a great presentation ingraphic

Research has proven that the content or words you say in your presentations have an impact on the audience of only 7%. (Professor Albert Mehrabian – UCLA) However, the way you deliver it makes up the rest of how your message is heard.  

Impact on the audience of the content (WHAT words you say)       7%

Impact on the audience on how you deliver it (HOW you say it)         93%

Many newbies spend the majority of their preparation time working on content…. And, yes, that is very important. BUT… what’s more important is how you’re going to DELIVER the CONTENT. How you’re going to package it all up. Effective communication may only be two words, but there’s a body of speaking science behind them.

The best content in the world delivered poorly, will never have the impact it deserves.

Think about an actor – any actor. They spend a lot of time learning their lines. That’s the content. But they spend even more time learning and practising how to say the lines. That’s the delivery.

Good presentations take time to prepare. Sure, some people are great at spontaneous speaking or off the cuff speaking, but most of us have to work at it. The biggest trap you can fall into is to only work on the content and ignore the delivery, or spend minimal time on the delivery.

Next time you have a speech presentation to make, think like an actor. Prepare your content, then work on your delivery.

It’s like Uber Eats. The best meal has no taste if the delivery fails.


David Julian Price is an experienced public speaking and presentation skills coach who will ease you out of your comfort zone.

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“A week prior to the Young Person’s World Lecture Competition in South Africa, I had a one-on-one session with David Julian Price. My public speaking skills were still developing and I knew I needed help if there was a chance to win the competition.


David pushed my speech to the next level by carefully breaking down my delivery and content and getting me to think about the psychological impact each and every part of my presentation would have on the audience.


I went on to win the world final, which is one of my proudest achievements and one that I definitely could not have done without David Price’s coaching.”


Kyle Saltmarsh, Engineer

Winner of the Young Person’s World Lecture Competition 2018


“Recently I had the pleasure of attending 3 sessions of public speaking coaching with David Julian Price. After working with David, the level of my presentation delivery significantly improved and will no doubt have a positive impact on my career. I highly recommend David’s coaching style and approach to whoever seeks to polish their public presentation skills.”

Federica Marchesini   

Organisational Change Management – Department of Transport



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