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Inspirational public speakers know how to immediately and ‘effortlessly’ command your attention as soon as they walk on stage, and hold it until their last words are spoken.

So how do they do it?


When the audience is deeply engrossed, they’re unaware that each word, movement, pause, pace and variation of the speaker’s voice, are carefully considered and constructed and practised over and over.


When you’ve been a speaking coach and recognised public speaker for as long as David Julian Price, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s easy to just ‘get on the stage’ and speak because a professional public speaker makes it look like a walk in the park. The truth is professional speakers rehearse for many years to make their presentations look ‘effortless’.

There are two parts to making an impactful presentation - Design & Delivery…

  • DESIGN – “WHAT” you say
  • DELIVERY – “HOW” you say it

There’s more to speaking than first meets the eye (and ears) if you want to truly inspire.


Many people (especially newbies) spend most of their preparation time on the writing, or “WHAT” they’re going to say, and minimal time on “HOW” they’re going to say it. Of course, the words you say are important, BUT…

“HOW” you say your presentation is what will make or break you.

Professional public speakers understand this.


When the outcome of your presentation is critical, you must spend more time on the whole package of how to present than just reciting words from a document, or your audience will switch off. You cannot “wing it” every time and expect to come over well.


Has this ever happened to you?


If you’re being passed over for promotions, it could be that your speaking skills aren’t as effective as they need to be. You don’t want to be the executive who speaks at an event and the staff cringe at the lack of impact your presentation gives.


If your inner voice justifies you don’t need good speaking skills to progress your career because your qualifications are as long as your arm, David challenges this belief. As a speaking coach, he’s not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone so your speaking skills improve.

Here’s the hard truth…

People judge your intelligence on your public speaking ability. You may have the best content in the world, but if it’s presented badly, you’ll lose the audience’s respect and be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Whether you present on the platform, in the boardroom or on the local P & C committee, getting your message across clearly is an essential life skill.


To raise the bar on your public speaker skills, understanding the hidden nuances of persuasive speaking is surreptitiously described as…


What exactly does this mean? Here’s another way to frame it…


  1. First, you learn the skills professional public speakers learn.
  2. Once you’ve designed your presentation, you practise…. A LOT.
  3. Then you practise it again and again so your presentation doesn’t look rehearsed.

David Julian Price’s 7 elements of an engaging keynote presentation:-



  • ESTABLISH CONTEXT – Hook the audience immediately with a strong opening that creates curiosity and sets the context.
  • BUILD the BRIDGE – Deliver the content so it’s clearly understood and relatable. Take the audience on a journey with you, from where they are now to where you want them to be.
  • RELEVANT STORYTELLING – Incorporate stories to illustrate your message and build credibility and engagement.
  • MAKE THEM LAUGH – Build intelligent humour into your presentation that’s relevant to your message and audience. Humour isn’t telling jokes.
  • SOLID CONTENT – Speaking to audiences is a privilege. Your intent and content should shine through and be in alignment with your audience’s needs.
  • APPLY the CONTENT – In an easy to understand and relatable way.
  • CALL to ACTION – Leave them with a simple, clear CTA they can implement that day.

David Julian Price is a professional speaker, presentation skills and speaking coach, meetings facilitator, mediator, impartial meeting chair, and meeting sage for 35+ years. David is often chosen for the ‘after-lunch graveyard shift’ because he can keep an audience awake. Not only are his keynotes entertaining, they’re also high in content.



Platforms where David has presented…


  • Keynote – Washington DC – Audience size 2,200
  • Keynote – Singapore – Audience size 250
  • Keynote – Management vs Leadership – Every Australian capital city & Auckland & Wellington – Audience size 200
  • Pitching Your Business – Perth Australia – Audience size – 80
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