Storytelling is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. Everyone is told they need to tell stories. However, if you don’t tell the right story, set in the right way, and for the right purpose, it will work against you. 


Strategic storytelling for business can be very powerful if all aspects are considered and presented well. 


In this workshop you’ll learn how to follow these 3 aspects of storytelling to align your presentation with your message:-

  • How to choose the right story to make your point
  • How to say it so it sets the context in the correct way so your point is clearly understood
  • How to determine the story you use is for the right purpose


The key to strategic storytelling is it enables you to make the point you need to make. Stories which are vague or have no obvious point, or link to the content, do not put the speaker in a good light.


Stories need to flow naturally and be a seamless part of the design of any presentation. 


Finding your story

In this program you’ll be going on a deep dive about experiences you’ve had or heard, which will guide you into finding the “SO WHAT” factor in each of those experiences. Some will be more powerful than others, some you’ll be able to use a lot, and some you’ll be able to use rarely.


It may feel a bit like going down a rabbit hole of surprises, as you often don’t know what you’ll find until you look deeper into their meaning.


In this program, we look at the best way to harness the points that can be drawn out of the stories and the experiences you’ve had in your life, in your work in in your role.

2 hour


Half Day


Full day


Small group or

individual coaching

Virtual or

in person face to face