Technical people are impressive in the knowledge they have and the application of that knowledge. 


Their challenge is to get enough of the technical information across to the audience, to make their point or to persuade or influence as they need to, without going into too much detail.


There is a skill to present technical information, and it’s around what I call the “SO WHAT” factor.


The “SO WHAT” factor is the key to a successful technical presentation skill. 


The information itself is rarely of value until one of two things happen:-


  1. There is a comparison with something else
  2. There is a “SO WHAT” factor that makes it clear what the value or usefulness of the technical information is. 


This is not a program that is trying to make you a comedian, nor is it trying to dumb down your technical knowledge in any way. In fact, the reverse is the case. The more clarity we can help you build into your technical presentations by making them less complex, the more likely you are to achieve the purpose you have set out to achieve.

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