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The reason clients choose me to run workshops for their people is that my programs are high energy, packed with relevant and practical content and presented so people learn as well as laugh. 

Engaging, fun, no fluff and content people can apply as soon as they walk out the door.

You’ll learn!  You’ll laugh!  You’ll learn some more!

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Time Management
How to manage changing priorities and information overload
For mangers and team members

Time Management – How to manage changing priorities and information overload 

Expect to learn:-

  • The nature of time. What you have, what you don’t have.

  • The nature of priorities. How to prioritize.

  • How to get organized

  • How to keep information, and be able to find it and access it when you need it.

  • How to deal with changing priorities

  • How to deal with ever increasing deadlines 

  • How to be realistic in relation to time 

  • How to make sure you go home on time and don’t become a workaholic


Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • The concept of workaholism and how it’s detrimental to both the individual and the organization.

  • The concept of time being finite

  • The concept of priorities and managing them

  • ??? add some more?


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-

  • A person who is having difficulty with information overload with changing priorities or increasing deadlines. 

  • Useful particularly for managers and supervisors, but also for team members


Decisive Leadership
Decisive leaders earn the respect of their teams and research shows that they generate more results.


Decisive Leadership

Decisive leaders earn the respect of their teams and research shows they generate more results.


Expect to learn:-

  • The psychology of decisive leaders

  • Why teams respect decisive leaders and go the extra mile for them

  • What exactly is decisive leadership

  • How to make decisions

  • How to minimize risk

  • How to ensure the decision you’re making is likely to be the best possible

  • How to evaluate decisions 

  • How to know when you have enough information

  • How to make decisions alone or with people

  • The various types of decisions


Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • Decision making tools

  • Basic psychology of humans in relation to decisive leaders and decisive people

  • The concept that decisive leaders generate more results and make more mistakes


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-


  • A supervisor, manager or executive in a workplace, in a board or a not for profit community group

ladder - woman on top above clouds

Making the right Impression
How to climb the ladder
For ambitious emerging leaders

How to make the right impression. How to climb the ladder for ambitious, emerging leaders

Expect to learn:-

  • The differences between the various generations

  • What makes each generation tick

  • Why there’s an apparent mismatch between the generations

  • What makes different generations think

  • How different generations make judgments

  • How they make their decisions

  • How the different generations have different expectations of almost everything

  • How to work out what to do. “Demonstrate the skills of the job you want, not for the job you’re doing.”

  • How to have goals 

  • How to strategically position yourself

  • How to network with the right people

  • How to find the right people


Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • The concept that it’s not who you know, and it’s not what you know. It’s what you know about who you know.

  • Know that networking is the major way in which people climb the ladder. In today’s world, that language is crucial because of the generation gap.

  • Learn to speak the language of your prospective boss, not your own. 

  • Learn business speak, not university speak.


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-

  • This is for anyone who is ambitious and wants to be in the boss’s chair in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years.

  • Emerging leaders

  • Leaders of community groups


Executive Presence
Great leaders have presence. Some have it naturally, many learn what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and most importantly, why.

business partners negotiate in the presence of a business team.

Executive Presence

Expect to learn:-

  • What is presence

  • What is charisma

  • How can you learn presence and charisma

  • What are the keys

  • How to present yourself

  • What to say, what not to say

  • What to look like, what not to look like

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Skills of leadership

  • Being decisive 

Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • The psychology of charisma

  • The psychology of persuasion 

  • The psychology of influence

  • Understanding of generations and how they work differently

  • Understanding that listening is far more important than speaking 

This workshop will be useful if you’re:-

  • Any executive who wants to increase their influence and their noticeability whenever they appear in front of people.

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