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The reason clients choose me to run workshops for their people is that my programs are high energy, packed with relevant and practical content and presented so people learn as well as laugh. 

Engaging, fun, no fluff and content people can apply as soon as they walk out the door.

You’ll learn!  You’ll laugh!  You’ll learn some more!

Photo of displeased businesspeople looking sternly at snoring man at presentation

Make snoreworthy meetings a thing of the past

Make Snoreworthy Meetings a Thing of the Past

Expect to learn:-

  • The cold hard facts about meetings

  • How meetings really run – what’s happening beneath the surface

  • How to prepare the documents for the meeting

  • What needs to be in the documents

  • What does not need to be in the documents

  • How to make sure the meeting is as productive as possible, in the shortest possible time

  • Tips and tricks to enable less meetings, shorter meetings, and better meetings

Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • Why meetings are universally disliked

  • The importance of the chairperson

  • The importance of the way the chair operates and runs the meeting

  • Where meetings should be held for maximum effect

  • What makes meetings work

  • What makes meetings fail

This workshop will be useful if you’re:-

  • Any person who attends meetings

  • A person who attends meetings and has some influence over them

  • How person who chairs meetings

  • A manager or supervisor

  • A person who runs toolbox meetings 

Minute taking from staff room to board room

meetings and minutes binders isolated on the office table

Minute Taking from Staff Room to Board Room

Expect to learn:-

  • What minutes are and what minutes are not

  • What goes in the minutes and what to leave out of the minutes

  • Easy ways to capture what needs to be captured

  • Knowledge of what is legally required in minutes

  • How to make sure people read the minutes

  • How to make sure people do what they need to do

  • How to capture action statements

  • What to do with difficult people

  • How to legally have your minutes accepted

  • The crucial relationship between the minute taker and the chair

  • Tools that are readily available that can make minute taking easier


Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • The way meetings work

  • Why people need minutes

  • The power plays that go on in meetings and how to deal with them in the minutes

  • Issues about the room such as the air conditioning, the light, the catering, and the influence they have on whether the meeting runs well or not. 


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-


  • Any person who takes minutes for any type of meeting. Whether it’s a staff meeting, board meeting, management meeting or a meeting on the fly.

Decision word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white

Making decisions and getting them implemented

How to make decisions and ensure they’re implemented


Expect to learn:-

  • How decisions happen

  • The steps that are necessary for decision making

  • Why most people don’t follow the steps

  • An easy checklist for decision making

  • Why you can never guarantee whether a decision is right or wrong

  • How and when to revisit decisions

  • Types of decisions

  • How to make sure decisions are implemented

  • How to check the progress of decisions

  • How to think like a project manager to make sure decisions get made to move projects forward 


You’ll be broadly introduced to:-

  • The concept of project management

  • The concept of different types of decision making

  • The ways to capture information in order to assist a group make decisions


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-


  • Managers

  • Anyone who’s in a meeting where decisions are made

  • People who take minutes

  • Supervisors and executives

  • Board members

Crossing the line. Good governance for not for profit clubs & associations

Businesswoman crosses a red stripe on white

Crossing the Line – Good Governance for Not for Profit Clubs & Associations 

Expect to learn:-

  • What governance is and what governance is not

  • What is good governance

  • How do you make sure your association does not cross the line

  • How to make sure people on your board do not cross the line

  • Understanding the relationship between the board and the membership

  • Understanding board confidentiality

  • Understanding the difference between a board meeting and a normal committee meeting

  • Understanding accountability and responsibility


Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • The different types of boards and their roles

  • The role of the chair on the board

  • The role of a board member and their responsibilities, rights and obligations

  • How to sniff out fraud and inappropriate behavior and what to do about it


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-


  • A member of any type of board or not for profit or association

  • A chair of the board

  • An office holder or officer of a board

  • A company secretary for the board

chairman for hire (1)

How to chair or run a meeting

How to Chair or Run a Meeting 

Expect to learn:-

  • The way meetings work

  • The science and art of chairing a meeting

  • How to command the room without being the boss

  • The difference between power and service chairmanship

  • Why the chair needs to say the least but know exactly what’s going on in the meeting

  • How to read a meeting

  • How to handle conflict

  • How to handle contentious issues

  • How to use formal meeting procedure if you need to


Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • Formal meeting procedure

  • Types of people

  • Basic psychology about what makes people tick in meetings

  • Why some people are extremely difficult

  • How to make decisions

  • Knowing when to put an issue to the vote


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-

Anyone who chairs any type of meeting, such as……


  • Small staff meeting at work

  • Large staff meeting

  • Board meeting

  • Senior management meeting

  • Executive meeting

  • Union meetings

  • Committee meeting

  • Club and Society meeting

  • Any meeting at all

Meeting Procedure - everything you need to know

Meeting Procedure Made Easyweb

Hybrid Meeting Procedure – Everything you need to know

Expect to learn:-

  • Why meeting procedure is still useful

  • Why meeting procedure in today’s world needs to be run in a modified or a hybrid fashion

  • How to know when to use formal meeting procedure

  • The different types of motions

  • How to handle main motions

  • How to handle procedural motions and what they do

  • How to handle points of order

  • How to handle amendments


Tricky issues which come up:-

  • How to handle difficult people 

  • The different ways of voting

  • Why ‘consensus’ sounds good but often doesn’t work

 Broadly you’ll be introduced to:-

  • The broad concept of decision making

  • The reasons meeting procedure is still used in some organizations

  • Where meeting procedure goes wrong

  • The traps of using formal meeting procedure

  • Why the book Robert’s Rules is often referred to, but is not relevant in Australia


This workshop will be useful if you’re:-


  • A person who goes to meetings where formal meeting procedures are used

  • Local government

  • Clubs, societies and associations

  • Some union meetings

  • Any other meeting where formal meeting procedure is used

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