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Use the Traffic Light Principle to improve your meetings

The humble traffic light – green, amber, red – is a quick and powerful way to find out what people really think about the meetings they attend. It’s simple. Ask your team members to simply rank what they think of the meetings they attend using the traffic light principle – it’s quick, easy and effective. The base question to ask is something like – “How would you rate the meetings we have for our team? If you think they’re great – give it a green. If you think there is room for improvement – give it an amber. If you think our meetings suck – give it a red.” Be careful – you may not get the response you want or expect. We are constantly gathering information and data about meetings and how they are run so we can all work together to make them better. We’d really like to hear your results from your Traffic Light Test. Please email us at [email protected] and we will share the results (anonymously of course). This year we are working with clients on the “20 in 2020 Challenge”reduce the number of meetings by 20%, and reduce the duration of every meeting to 20 minutes – yes, it can be done. If you’d like to know more, email us and we’ll arrange a free meeting diagnostic for your team meetings.

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