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Qualities to look for when choosing a great Conference Speaker

When you’re a conference organiser you want your event to be remembered for all the right reasons. Speakers who don’t meet conference expectations can damage your event brand which could result in less attendees in future events.


There are many things to look for, and there’s a list of factors to consider on David Julian Price’s Keynote Speaker .


Here are some other points to take into account when choosing your next conference speaker…


Relevance & Relatability


The speaker you choose should be able to tailor content that is in alignment with your conference’s overall theme. It strengthens the conference and audiences notice and like it when there is congruence.

Purpose & On-Point


The time slot may determine the speaker you choose.  For example, the after-lunch graveyard shift is known as a difficult one to fill as this is the slump time of day for most of us. Not all speakers can lift the energy in the room so get some background information on their style before committing.


Influence and Inspire


Source out speakers who have runs on the board, and testimonials to back up their expertise in the content they are going to deliver. PLUS they must have the ability to deliver it in a way that influences, inspires and is insightful. Leadership coaching page


Superb Storytelling


One of the most effective ways to create engagement with your audience is through telling stories that supports the point of the messages. Speakers with good, relevant stories go down a treat. Business Storytelling page



Engage and Entertain

A great speaker doesn’t usually tell jokes but there’s plenty of humour mixed with the content to keep everyone alert and engaged. An experienced speaker knows how to catch the audience and keep them engaged.

Courage to interact with the audience


A fantastic way to really engage with an audience is to interact with them. Some speakers have ‘scripted’ presentations don’t deviate from their prepared presentation. Look for a professional experienced speaker who has the confidence and skill to switch gears seamlessly by interacting with the audience, bouncing off their energy. This will make your conference truly memorable. Keynote Speaker page


Keeping to time


Your schedule is important. Going over time is disrespectful to everyone – the conference organisers, audience members, event staff, caterers and the following speakers. A professional seasoned speaker knows this and will keep to the time allocated.

David James conference speaker

Case study


At one particular event David Julian Price was the closing speaker at a weekend conference and was due to speak at 3pm. The two previous presenters had run over time and it was 4pm when he eventually walked onto the stage to present.


The audience and organisers were already fidgety and fuming, so this is how he opened…


“We’re an hour later than scheduled, and I know you’re all keen to close the conference. Would you like me to still speak for the full hour or would you prefer a shorter presentation?”


He asked and some different options were briefly discussed. Everyone decided he should speak for 40 minutes. Being an experienced speaker, David instantly chose which bits to leave out or reduce to fit into the new timeframe. This is one of the benefits of engaging an experienced keynote speaker who can accommodate last-minute changes without fuss. 


If he had not addressed the elephant in the room, the audience may have tuned out. Or worse, this could have been the main memory of the conference.

Emcee TIP - How to finish a Conference Speaker who is over time

Now this takes courage, so the best way to learn how to do this is by practicing on smaller groups.

Chairperson for hire

You’re standing side of stage, and the speaker is now 5 minutes over their allocated time.


Try this:-


  • Move closer towards the speaker so you’re visible. Look at them.
  • If they don’t get the hint that times up, move even closer and stand at the side of the stage while they’re speaking.
  • Start moving across the stage towards them.
  • If they still haven’t taken the hint, listen carefully so you can jump in at a suitable time, such as at the end of a point or pause.
  • Don’t wait or hesitate! Decide quickly and act swiftly.
  • As you walk into the middle of the stage, start speaking – thank them for their presentation and at the same time start clapping loudly.
  • The audience will follow your lead and start clapping too. The speaker has no choice but to stop as the emcee is now back in control.
  • Thank the speaker.
  • Move onto the next item on the program.


David Julian Price is not only a professional keynote and motivational speaker, he has emceed many events over the years. He knows how to finish a speaker respectfully, and has the gravitas and courage to do so.


“By gauging the audience with their different learning types, David’s speaking and learning style connects with all.”


Stuart Jamieson, Governance and Risk Manager at City of Albany


“David is a 5 star trusted advisor and thought leader. His generosity is matched in size only by his intellect and sense of humour. David has many years of experience in a variety of diverse backgrounds which further strengthens his ability to relate to the challenges within businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors. He also has the ability to sift through the superfluous distractions that often prevent people from reaching their maximum potential and effectiveness. He genuinely is a consummate professional and a gifted communicator.”



Dr Troy Hendrickson – Global Educator, Speaker, Facilitator, Adjunct Professor

Our Team


When you need good solid content with no fluff, David Price is the coach you need. His style is direct, interactive and engaging, ensuring the audience stays awake and leaves with takeaway techniques to implement that day. He is an expert presentation skills coach, meeting procedure sage, author, conference speaker and communications skills educator, able to explain complex ideas in simple terms.


I’m the ‘talent behind the talent’ at David Julian Price Consulting. When David’s in his zone of genius as a speaking and meetings coach, his eyes light up. I’m not kidding. When you love doing things that most people avoid, you know you’ve found your calling, and it’s a privilege and a delight to support my husband in this way – Denise Price


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