David Julian Price is highly regarded in Australia in the Speaking and Meetings space.  David has the ability to transform his clients from ordinary speakers into powerful presenters. He not only owns the room when he speaks, he has the ability to show you how you can own the room when you speak.

If you chair or lead a meeting, David can show you how to command the room, increase engagement and increase productivity exponentially. 

He is the author of 5 books, including the best-selling “Meeting Procedure Made Easy” and “10 Steps to Prepare and Deliver a Powerful Presentation”.  His areas of expertise are wide and deep, but they all have a common thread – David has presence in front of an audience, whether it is 10, 100 or 1,000 people.  When he speaks, people listen and that skill is what he teaches his clients.

David’s drive to improve his speaking began when he joined a theatre group in his early twenties and realised that there was a personality just bursting to get out!  This led him into Rostrum, Australia’s leading public speaking group at the time, and he has been coaching people be powerful speakers ever since.

He began coaching others when they saw him present, and asked, “how can I speak like you?”  

But here is the kicker.  The fine art of persuading an audience, to have them in the palm of your hand, he learnt by trial and error. David learned from masters but he didn’t follow someone else’s method.  He crafted his own by watching, writing, speaking, listening, trialling, experimenting with new techniques, reading the audience reaction, then doing it all again and again, to become the accomplished speaker he is today – a master in his own right..

At Rostrum David also learnt meeting procedure skills, and he has an uncanny knack in knowing the correct protocol for any circumstance and how and when t use it. On top of that, he actually enjoys it!  Having written 3 books about meetings, he is known as Australia’s leading authority on meeting procedure.

Organisations hire David to chair meetings that need to be 100% technically perfect.  One of David’s dreams was to be Speaker of the House, as he enjoys listening to the debates and procedures in Parliament.  His eyes light up at the thought of this happening. 

Whether he is speaking to a large group, or coaching or facilitating smaller groups, his clients marvel at his energy and fun style of interaction with the audience.  David can create and bounce off the energy in the room – he knows how to harness that and can switch tactics and style to suit the group.  He has the ability to sense what is needed for greatest impact.

David’s is also crazy about flags – he’s a vexillologist! He has a collection of over 240 flags about half of which are countries and the other half novelty or quirky like a pink elephant drinking champagne, a smiley face or special event flags which are flown if there is an important event.

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Awards & Accolades

  • CSP - Certified Speaking Professional
  • Global Speaking Fellow
  • International Ambassador Award
  • National Nevin Award
  • Professional Speaker Of The Year - 2000


  • ​​​​Currently Studying - Masters Of Business Law (MBL) Southern Cross University
  • Company Directors Diploma - AICD
  • Corporate Directors Diploma - University Of New England
  • Graduate Diploma In Applied Corporate Governance - Governance Institute Of Australia
  • Qualified Company Secretary - Governance Institute And Institute Of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators
  • Graduate Diploma In Educational Technology - Edith Cowan University
  • Bachelor Of Education - Edith Cowan University

Leadership Positions

Global Speakers Federation

  • Past World President,
  • Foundation Vice President

Professional Speakers Australia

  • Past National President,
  • Past WA Chapter President,
  • Past Company Secretary

Australian Rostrum

  • Past National President,
  • Past WA/NT Zone President


  • Going Through The Motions - Book
  • The Meeting Tool Box - Book
  • Meeting Procedure Made Easy - Book
  • 10 Steps To Prepare & Deliver A Powerful Presentation - Book & Audio
  • Intrapreneurship - Co Author - Audio
  • Systems For Success - Co Author - Audio
  • Lessons In Leadership - Co Author - Book
  • How To Chair A Meeting - On Line Course
  • Take The Chair - Co Author - Book

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