Would you like to become a more persuasive and powerful speaker? Would you like to run meetings where decisions are made and projects move forward? 


You’re not alone. Persuasive speaking is probably one of the most precious skills anyone in business can possess. But at school and in business we don’t get taught that most crucial skill – to stand up and confidently speak in front of people. 


We’ve not learned the art of persuasion. We’ve not learned how to structure a presentation, or write engaging content. And we’ve not learned how to speak so our message is memorable.


That’s exactly what David Julian Price aims to do. 


My catch cry is “Nothing will move you further and faster than the ability to speak confidently & persuasively.” 


We offer coaching, courses (virtual and face to face) and a range of free information about speaking and running meetings. 




  • Create and deliver a masterful presentation so you own the room.

  • Speak so your personality shines through. Speak so people listen.


  • Read the meeting, so you can effectively lead the meeting. 


  • Write an agenda so everyone knows what the meeting’s purpose is, and what will be discussed. 


  •  Lead a meeting where you harness the energy of your team and decisions are made. 


  • Take meaningful minutes that make sense, are legally binding, and fast. 




How David Julian Price Consulting started in May 1986 

By the time I arrived at University (in 1973) to enroll as a teacher, I was 2 days late. All of the options were full except for drama. Being a shy, introverted kid, I was aghast at the thought of doing drama classes, let alone teaching them. 


It’s hard to believe now, but at school I used to hide under the radar, never saying a word. Once I joined the drama option, I found a voice inside me I didn’t know existed. And that voice has taken me on a journey of excitement, intrigue and challenges. 


I joined a wonderful public speaking organisation called Rostrum in 1980. This was another unplanned event. I had recently moved to a new area and wanted to join a club. There weren’t many options, so I picked Rostrum. Or rather, Rostrum chose me.


It was here I learnt the art and craft of preparing and delivering a speech. I gained confidence, my message was heard. I learnt by listening to others, then practiced. Over and over again. 


In 1986 I was asked to teach a class on public speaking as the regular guy couldn’t teach it anymore. His style was to read from a workbook at the front of the room (yes, it was a public speaking class) while everyone listened – yes I’m serious. To be honest, I didn’t have to be very special to be better than him. 


At the same time, I was seconded as a teacher to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. There I found a life of work I didn’t know existed. I knew then that I wouldn’t go back to teaching. Instead, I would explore other possibilities I now knew were out there in the big wide world. 


With the experience of running a speaking course, I stopped teaching so I could concentrate on doing what I love most – coaching public speaking skills to others so they could find their voice, as I had found mine.   



Learning how to speak in public changed me. I’ve learnt how to express my ideas. I’ve become a confident speaker and leader. 


Now I empower others to find their voice, share their ideas, and feel good about their speaking skills. Whether it’s on a platform, in a group, or in a business meeting. I help you break down your message so it’s easy to understand and it leaves a positive impact on all who cross your path. I help you get unstuck by harnessing your speaking nerves, giving you the freedom to rise above your speaking plateau.


Rostrum led me to PSA (Professional Speakers’ Association) and my speaking career began. I spoke to small  groups and large groups, sometimes to 1,000’s of people. This organization is so sharing with information and support, giving so much to its members, when it was my time, I decided to give back. 


I stepped up to State, National and International leadership roles. This taught me much about understanding leadership. Anyone who walks in the shoes of a leader, whether it’s a voluntary organization or not, and truly makes things happen, learns the skills on how to lead. 


40 years later I’m still a member of Rostrum, and coaching members on their speaking journeys. I’m giving back to the organisation that gave so much to me.


And you know what I enjoy most about coaching? Seeing the smile on their face when they know they’ve nailed their presentation, or run a meeting successfully. That ah-ha moment of recognition they did it. It’s priceless. 




We say ‘no’ to meetings that don’t have a clearly defined purpose, are a waste of time, or go on too long. We can show you how to stop your meetings going off-track, and get them to the required destination instead. 


You’ll wonder why you didn’t hop on the right train sooner. Let’s work together so your meetings are mapped out to suit your unique needs.


It was at Rostrum that I learnt formal meeting procedure. Older, more experienced members had learnt the techniques from their Rostrum elders. And so the depth of knowledge was passed down to younger members.


Sadly, this skill is being lost. It is such a shame, as knowing when to use formal meeting procedure, or not use it, can make a meeting flow so much better. The people dynamic improves, there is an understood sense of order. This is something I’d like to see embraced in all meetings – not the formal procedure, but the relaxed version – the informal procedures


You need to understand the rules to know when to use them, and when to relax them. I show businesses how to embrace the techniques I’ve learnt so your meetings run smoother, in less time, and get the desired outcomes you are aiming for. 




My meetings’ goal is to convince you to embrace meeting procedure knowledge. Once learnt, you’ll be surprised how much time you’ll save because it allows meetings to flow better. 


And what good is a meeting map without flags to signpost the direction you should go? 


As it happens, I’m also a vexillologist. A what, I hear you say?! A collector of flags. Would you believe I have 250 of them. 


I flew 24 flags, all different sizes, at the same time, on Australia Day. Channel 7 news did a story – “The Fully Fledged Flag Man of Floreat!”  Seems I’m not the only crazy one here (Channel 7 is crazy about alliteration).


Meetings need to be ‘flagged’ in areas too. I love the ceremony, sense of order, and sense of purpose that meeting procedure allows, and the positive outcomes they can generate. There’s so much protocol to know about both flags and meetings. What’s not to love about both?


Awards and accolades

CSP – Certified Speaking Professional

Global Speaking Fellow

International Ambassador Award

National Nevin Award

Professional Speaker Of The Year – 2000


​​​​​Currently Studying – Masters Of Business Law (MBL) Southern Cross University

Company Directors Diploma – AICD

Corporate Directors Diploma – University Of New England

Graduate Diploma In Applied Corporate Governance – Governance Institute Of Australia

Qualified Company Secretary – Governance Institute And Institute Of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators

Graduate Diploma In Educational Technology – Edith Cowan University

Bachelor Of Education – Edith Cowan University

Leadership positions

Global Speakers Federation

Past World President,

Foundation Vice President

Professional Speakers Australia

Past National President,

Past WA Chapter President,

Past Company Secretary

Australian Rostrum

Past National President,

Past WA/NT Zone President


Going Through The Motions – Book

The Meeting Tool Box – Book

Meeting Procedure Made Easy – Book

10 Steps To Prepare & Deliver A Powerful Presentation – Book & Audio

Intrapreneurship – Co Author – Audio

Systems For Success – Co Author – Audio

Lessons In Leadership – Co Author – Book

How To Chair A Meeting – On Line Course

Take The Chair – Co Author – Book