About David

About David & Walk Tall – How we came to be where we are today!

Walk Tall began life officially in 1986 as Cascade Training. The business was started by David Price and operated in Perth and Western Australia working with many organisations.

We began by presenting Time Management, Meeting Procedure, and Presentations Skills training. Customer Service was added very quickly and then Interpersonal Communication.

Over the years, the business has changed focus and name and having been through a few years trading as David Price Presentations. It now operates as Walk Tall  and has done so for several years.

Walk Tall now specialises in all learning and development to do with meetings and David Price is known as Mr Meetings . He consults to organisations all over Australia and is known by his clients as the meetings guru. As the author and co-author of 3 books on meeting procedure, as well as minute taking, he is the Australian authority on the management of modern meetings.

He also works in the area of decisions, managing time and priorities and presentations.

David is constantly updating his own skills and knowledge in all the areas he works in. He has presented throughout Australia in all cities and many country and isolated communities. David has also presented in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA and the UK.

Walk Tall has a very clear mission and is well focused on doing what we do best.

The business Principal is still David Julian Price who does most of the presenting.

Keeping up to date

David attends regular professional development activities within Australia and overseas to ensure that he keeps up to date and at the cutting edge of his areas of expertise. He also ensures that his knowledge base in his areas of expertise is both broad and deep.

David also actively participates in personal development activities to ensure that he maintains effective and appropriate relationships with his clients and the people in his audiences.

Family Man

David is a family man with 4 children from 32yrs – 18yrs. His Wife Denise runs her own successful swimwear manufacturing and retail business. (Daneechi Swimwear).

David and Denise are family oriented and are not workaholics! While both are passionate about their businesses and their work, they work hard at keeping their life, family, and work in balance.

The testimonial of which David is most proud is below – it was a sentence in a letter slipped under my hotel room door after a presentation I gave to 2500 people in Washington DC:

You have opened my eyes to potential.  You are real and I thank you so much for sharing yourself today.

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