Meeting Manager & Meeting Co-ordinator

Behind every great meeting there’s a great organiser or Meeting Manager

If you’d like to take back control of your meetings, rather than let them control you, it could be time you review your meeting systems from a global perspective.


You’ll be pleased to know there’s a Meeting Management System to guide you each step of the way.


I can’t promise you it will be easy, as you’ll probably get pushback. I can’t promise you’ll master the new system in 1, 2 or even 3 weeks. BUT I can promise you that the system is practical, and once others see the positive outcomes due to the changes made, it gets a whole lot easier.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your organisation’s meeting culture won’t change overnight either.


Great meetings don’t just happen. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes.


The meeting manager or organiser rarely gets thanked or recognised, but they’re the powerhouse behind the success of every productive, highly effective meeting. Not every meeting chair or leader is easy to work with. The more organised you are as meeting manager, the easier it is to manage difficult situations.


On a surprising, yet positive note, the many challenges the pandemic presented to workplaces during lockdowns actually forced us to relook at how we manage the logistics of meetings.


And guess what happened?


So that workers could still get their main tasks done, two areas naturally reduced in time, without the quality of the work being compromised. In fact, outputs increased.


The 2 areas staff spent less time on were emails and meetings.


The office still functioned, decisions got made, work got done, no one fell off a cliff.


Result – The less you work, the more productive you become.


It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it?


The beauty of David Price’s Meeting Management System is that it follows this philosophy. The reason processes are streamlined for every facet of the organisation, is because David Price’s system is built on hands-on experience every step of the way.


He knows what you MUST DO and also WHAT YOU CAN LEAVE OUT.


And everyone in the office is happy.


David Price’s vast experience on anything to do with meetings for 35+ years


  • Minute taking training systems
  • Expert on meeting processes and author of 4 books on meeting procedures
  • Company secretary on Boards, ensuring governance and compliances are correct
  • Chairperson for contentious meetings
  • Strategy and problem-solving facilitator
  • Meetings advisor to councils and businesses
  • Presentation skills coach – guiding you on the best way to convince others the system works, which gives you the confidence to do so.

David sees things from a global perspective in all aspects of what is required in the meeting cycle.

Meeting Manager’s guide to more effective meetings

There’s a huge science of knowledge behind the meeting cycle of…


Before ~~ During ~~ After ~~ meeting tasks and actions


This makes it difficult to implement change when it’s constantly in motion. So how can you implement lasting change whilst keeping the meeting cycle on track?


This is the dilemma for us all. The meeting tasks could be the responsibility of an already overstretched EA or PA, or perhaps it falls to the meeting chairperson or meeting facilitator, or it could be split between roles.


The reality is, our long to-do list only gets longer. The key to streamlining processes is by deciding what tasks are the most important, and by following a solid, tried and tested meeting system.


David Julian Price’s Meeting Management System for meeting organisers not only saves you time, but it will also save you lots of hassle.


Once you’ve mastered the new system you’ll be super organised


Colleagues will think you’re amazing, the team will be energised


David Julian Price, has a Meeting Mastery workshop ~~~ How to Organise Highly Effective Meetings ~~~ giving you strategies on not only how to organise more productive meetings, but also how to handle difficult people and tricky situations about the changes you’ll implement, following best practice meeting etiquette.


When you understand the benefits of the changes to your workload and to the outcomes the meetings will provide, you may find yourself in a position where you need to convince others to make this change.


As a professional presentation skills coach and meetings expert, David Julian Price will teach you strategies on how to effectively communicate the benefits of the Meeting Management System to management so they embrace the changes.

At David Price’s workshop for Meeting Organisers, you’ll learn…..




  • What to do before the meeting so you don’t waste time
  • You’ll have a good meeting agenda example to follow
  • How to get the information you need
  • Discuss alternate meeting structures for efficient meetings
  • Documents you need to prepare and how to prepare them
  • Navigating the meeting time planner and meeting scheduler
  • Who to send the relevant documents to, and when to send them
  • The emails which need to be sent, what to say, and when to send them
  • How to arrange the room for optimum results



  • Where you and the leader should sit. Yes, this can make a huge difference
  • What equipment you should have ready
  • A meeting minutes sample showing you how to take the minutes efficiently (if this is your role)
  • When to speak and how to ask questions
  • How to minute meeting procedure decisions compliantly
  • How to politely interrupt following meeting etiquette protocols to remind the group of meeting points overlooked



  • What boxes need to be ticked for compliance
  • How to finalise any documents (such as the meeting minutes) compliantly, effectively (in the right way), and efficiently (doing the right thing)
  • What documents go to who, and when they need to be sent
  • How to recognise loose ends and how to tidy them up
  • How to build a useful meeting notes checklist that saves you time

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Meeting Organiser workshop – link to Humanitix


“I found your presentation on meeting organisation and minute taking interactive, informative, extremely entertaining and I loved your very conversational approach. I was particularly pleased that you didn’t read from a PowerPoint presentation or force us to trawl through pages and pages of notes.” 


Thea Rogister – Acting Manager City Operations, City of Albany


“Very practical and I look forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice.”


Sue Kinguland – CSIRO – Land and Water


“Very informative, some great points and suggestions to be implemented back in the office.”


Sue Lillywhite – lP Australia – Trademarks

“Very informative and useful. David kept us totally interested with his sense of humour and obvious knowledge. This will be of great benefit.”


Joanne Cantle – Office of the Status of Women


“This course was very good and would be really useful to minimising time and effort in future meetings.”


Sandra Ryan – Industry Science & Resources

“The presentation was interesting, fast-moving and informative with lots of useful information.”


Brigid Doherty – Dept of Defence


“Most informative and useful. I look forward to implementing change in several areas organisations, thank you.”

Julie-Anne Wallace – Dept of Prime Minister & Cabinet


“I loved the approach to this course, it was definitely worth attending. Not only was I was far from bored, I also gained lots of helpful information.”


Natalie Maxwell – IP Australia


“I gained a lot from this session. The organisation of information is very important in today’s business.”


Tamara Westlin – Dept of Social Services


“Helps clarify how to focus in meetings, and how to be more efficient.”


Tania Perrin – Dept of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs


“Great ideas worth waiting 30 years for. I’ve been looking for this information for 30 years. Thank you.”


Phoebe Jones – Australian Sports Drug Agency


“Fast, informative, empowering and modern.”


Frances Wilson – Dept of the House of Representatives

Our Team


When you need good solid content with no fluff, David Price is the coach you need. His style is direct, interactive and engaging, ensuring the audience stays awake and leaves with takeaway techniques to implement that day. He is an expert presentation skills coach, meeting procedure sage, author, conference speaker and communications skills educator, able to explain complex ideas in simple terms.


I’m the ‘talent behind the talent’ at David Julian Price Consulting. When David’s in his zone of genius as a speaking and meetings coach, his eyes light up. I’m not kidding. When you love doing things that most people avoid, you know you’ve found your calling, and it’s a privilege and a delight to support my husband in this way – Denise Price


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