Elevator Pitching Workshop (In-Person Course – Book Online)

At David Julian Price’s Elevator Pitch workshop, you’ll learn the science behind crafting and presenting a pitch so the audience nods their heads in agreement, wanting to know more, instead of being confused.

And as we all know, confused people don’t buy. A good elevator pitch answers the questions and thoughts going on inside the head of your audience.

Once you’ve participated in David’s workshop, you’ll craft a pitch so that the audience understands…

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • and how you can help them

This workshop is for…. 

  • Anyone who needs to pitch themselves, a product or service
  • Anyone who needs to give a pitch or introduce themselves at a networking event
  • Anyone who needs to speak in front of people as part of their business
  • Anyone who is pitching to stakeholders to raise money for charity

Whether you’re totally terrified or super confident, this workshop is for you.


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Hot-Seat Coaching System – It’s Fast. It’s Unique. It’s Direct.

You’ll experience on-the-spot “Hot-Seat Coaching” which gets results fast.

David Julian Price is the Elevator Pitch Coach that leaders choose to work with because he knows how to get results quickly.

His unique system works on both the design and delivery of your elevator pitch. It’s unlike any other presentation skills and communication workshops out there. David knows how to stretch you so that your speaking, your confidence and your competence grow. 


David Price’s coaching system is NOT a “one size fits all” approach. Every person has different strengths and challenges – you’ll get a pitch that is uniquely yours.

You’ll walk away with a crystal clear, memorable & persuasive pitch.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll move from average to awesome.


Benefits of group coaching 

  • You’ll get Group Validation of your elevator pitch speech & how to say it
  • The other participants are your test audience. You receive audience feedback instantly on what works and what doesn’t. All of Stanley’s questions will be dealt with so the audience REALLY understands how you can help them.
  • This interactive style of coaching results in a greater understanding of how people think, and what they see and hear, so you know how to adapt your pitch.


When you need a memorable elevator pitch that starts conversations, you need a skilled Elevator Pitch Coach with runs on the board.

David Julian Price is a master pitch and presentation skills coach with 35+ years of experience. He knows what works, and he gets results fast.



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There’s a formula behind a good elevator pitch. Pitches don’t necessarily need to be long. Look at these examples –

I want to be your new best friend. And I want to stay your best friend for as long as you’re breathing. The average person buys 3 homes in their lifetime, and I want to help you with every single one of them. Jon Haines, your Finance Broker at Tick Finance

I’m the Invisible Man. I work on the stuff you’ll never see, but you need it for almost everything you do. I’m an electrical and communication specialist. Barry from Comsec Electrical  

I’m a connector. I connect business people with new clients. I’m from District 32 and that’s what we exist to do. Dean Keating – District 32

If you want an electrician who’ll turn up on time and clean up after them, call me Natalie from Hiddlestone Electrics

I’m a pillow. I’m a financial pillow. I show my clients how to sleep at night by making good financial decisions, so they get out of life what they want. Andreas Kettemann – Financial Advisor – Carbon Group   

Are you one of the 70% of customers who are dissatisfied with their current IT service provider? Let me make your IT problems disappear like the swish of Harry’s wand. Mike Ford from PSQ Group 

“I help you see what other people see. Research I’ve done shows that most courses will only tell you WHAT to do, not HOW to do it. When it comes to communicating more effectively in your business and personal life, we show you HOW to do this.” Alan Cox from Brainy Gecko



For customised in-house corporate training delivered exclusively for your organisation contact – [email protected] or 0418 888 018.


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What previous attendees have said:-

“I’ve just completed a course with David Julian Price and I’m absolutely in awe of how he managed to digest what we were telling him and turn it into a pitch and to actually remember it himself. It was absolutely fantastic!

David made everyone feel relaxed with some fun presentation exercises before working with us individually to create a memorable pitch uniquely tailored to each of us. If anyone wants a great pitch and gain confidence sign up for this course.” Dave Edward – The Customer Experience Guy  

David’s pitching workshop was amazing. In 9 minutes he helped me to craft a couple of different pitches that got the group laughing. Hugo from Hugo’s Mobile Car Detailing

“I attended one of David’s ‘Perfect Your Pitch’ workshops at the beginning of the year. He worked out that my point of difference was that I always wore a purple top. From 1st July 2021, I rebranded as The Purple VA. Since then I’ve had two people come up to me and say…‘I can’t remember your name but I know you’re The Purple VA.” If you get a chance to attend one of David’s workshops – sign up immediately. Anne Brown The Purple VA

“I’d like to thank David so much for today’s session. I’ve now got the toolkit I need to present and have the confidence to make a difference in my presentation to my customers. This course will be transformational for me.”  Sarah Kaye Australian Free Energy

“When I visit the different District 32 Circles it’s clear to see who’s attended one of David’s pitching workshops. The difference in their confidence, presenting skills and pitch is phenomenal. Dean Keating – District 32

“David worked with me to develop a pitch for a philanthropic event. He worked with me to distil some complex concepts into short, punchy ones and honed in on the power of story-telling as a communication tool. David anticipated the style of communication suitable to the audience I was presenting to and encouraged me to bring my enthusiasm to the audience. I was thrilled when our organisation’s pitch was successful and grateful for the part David played in helping us get there!”  Suzanne D, Lawyer