Smarter Meetings go way deeper
than just having an agenda and starting on time

Are you suffering from virtual meeting overload? 

I’ve put together a comprehensive definitive guide to virtual and hybrid meetings.

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The Smarter Meetings Model is different from other offerings. It’s all-encompassing and covers EVERY aspect of meetings. It starts with a health check or meeting diagnostic. I’ve been described by a client as like a hawk hovering above your meeting. I see things you don’t see simply because I see your meeting through a different lens.

Using my 35 plus years of experience, I’ll highlight the road bumps that are getting in your way and work with you to minimise or eliminate them. We won’t spend time fixing things that don’t need fixing.

As a Chairperson for Hire, Facilitator and Meetings Advisor, I’ve seen it all. From the well oiled machine to the total train wreck. With qualifications in Corporate Governance I’ll also make sure you stay on the right track. 


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Meetings Man Testimonials 

On meeting David Price for the first time, I could see straight away he knew his stuff. What I didn’t see until the work progressed were his infinite patience and strategic manner.

 Our people were rapt in his advice and results were immediate. They became more focussed and could determine for themselves the benefits of reframing how they work together.

 Highly personable and intelligent, I recommend David Price’s services to you.

Graham Foster Ex CEO City of Albany, City of Nedlands, City of Leichardt (NSW), City of Elizabeth (SA) 


The ACCIDENTAL testimonial 

A fellow speaker who teaches presentation skills just like I do called me out of the blue and said …

“David, I thought I should let you know I’ve decided to also offer training in ‘How to Run Better Meetings’.  As we both teach presentation skills I figured I should be able to consult in meetings too. Just letting you know.”

A month later he called me again.  “Mate, I have to tell you, I got asked questions about meetings that I didn’t have the foggiest idea about. I had no idea!  This meeting stuff is way too hard.  You can have the meetings work, I don’t want a bar of it.”

[ Known source but not revealed ]