Minute Taking

The minute taking method that takes minutes, not hours

“Unlike other courses I’ve attended, I found that not a minute was wasted! Will start using this method at the next program meeting.”


Beverly Milloy – CSIRO – Land and Water


“Very informative and stimulating. Plenty of scope for change and implementing new ideas.  A fresh look at how to take minutes.”


Gavin Kelleher – ABCB – Australian Building Codes Board


“Very interesting and informative, I hope to be assertive enough to implement this!”


Fiona Gazzard – Environment Australia


As a professional impartial chairperson, presentation skills coach, meetings expert, Company Secretary on Boards and meeting facilitator with 35+ years of experience David Julian Price is well qualified to share the tools and strategies he has used in hundreds of meetings to minimise the time you spend taking the minutes.


You’ll learn WHAT IS required, WHEN it’s required, and also what’s NOT required.

What you’ll learn at David Julian Price’s Minute Taking workshop

It’s important what you include in the minutes and how you write it, but what you DON’T INCLUDE is just as important. Once you understand the importance of the differences required to write compliant minutes, the scope of the job is more defined.


Taking the minutes isn’t about recording what’s said. It’s about recording the decisions that are made.


Once you understand this, it makes the process easier as you’ll be able to confidently guide the rest of the meeting of the recording requirements for compliance.


As a minute taker, one of your biggest challenges is often how to convince others in the meeting who demand every word should be written, or challenge other parts of the logistics of the meeting.


At David Julian Price’s workshops you’ll also learn how to communicate effectively the benefits of best practice minute taking in modern meetings, using meeting etiquette protocols so your voice is not only heard above the louder voices, you are also respectfully listened to.

You’ll get answers to all of the FAQ’s from previous Minute Taking workshops

FAQ’s from attendees about how they can make their job as minute taker easier and less stressful, and please the boss…


  • How do I know what to write down and what to leave out?
  • What shortcuts are there and how do I know when to use them?
  • Can I interrupt the meeting if I don’t know what they mean, or didn’t hear them?
  • My chairperson is a nightmare. I know what I’d like to do as minute taker, but what can I do?
  • Some of the attendees want me to write everything they say, and when I do, they say I’ve written it incorrectly. HELP!!
  • My meetings are very formal. What do I have to include, and what can I leave out?
  • I’m worried about the legalities of the way I take the minutes. What MUST I know to keep compliant and out of trouble?
  • How do I get attendees to prepare for the meeting so, as the meeting organiser and minute taker, I’m not run off my feet doing things for them at the last minute?
  • Who should write the meeting agenda and how do you prepare it so it works?
  • I spend hours transcribing and making sense of my notes. Is there a better way?

David Julian Price’s Minute Taking program answers all of these questions plus more.


At the end of the program, you’ll have an armoury of tools and strategies to make your role as the minute taker less stressful as you’ll have a guide by your side the whole time. And the boss will be happy.

What attendees say about the Minute Taking program


“I attended David Price’s meetings and minute taking workshop as well as his presentations skills workshop.


After attending these, I ‘secretaried’ one of the best meetings of the Bushcarers Group Inc. since being in this role. With my newfound knowledge and confidence, I was able to make space to contemplate the things I’ve wanted to do that bring me excitement, joy and a sense of fulfilment. I’d been in a guilt rut before this.


Thank you for giving me the courage to change this. I have so many things I want to share with the world but fear of failure and not being accepted has held me back. This is now changing for me. Thank you for reminding me of what’s at stake.”


Atlanta Veld, Lands Officer at City of Albany


 “Quite different to what I’d expected. I was very impressed with how easy it can be with some preparation.”


Dorothy Sanfilippo – Workcover WA


“Very interesting, fun and informative. The templates are great.”


Michelle Stevens – Australian Federal Police


“Very informative and useful. David kept us totally interested with his sense of humour and obvious knowledge. This will be of great benefit.”


Deidre Rayner – Australian Sports Commission  


“Very helpful and informative. David was a joy as a presenter, he made it fun.”


Joanne Walker – Australian Institute of Sport 


“I found David Price to be a very professional and entertaining presenter who was successful in impacting quite a bit of useful information about minute taking.”


Effie Poulos – Chief Ministers Department


“I first learned about meetings and minutes at school (in commerce) it would be great if these new innovations could be built into the next generation of meeting and minute takers at school so they get the best start in the unavoidable world of meetings.”


Sue Strang – Australian Sports Drug Agency


“Exploded common myths about minute taking. I really thought I needed either shorthand or a tape recorder!”


Michelle Watson – CSIRO – Plant Industry


“Really helpful. I’m empowered to take on the task of delegating myself as the permanent minute taker of our weekly staff meetings which currently don’t have one. It should be a good start to my career.”


Stephen Dove – Main Roads



The benefits of attending a minute taking workshop by David Price.


  • Hands on experience – David has runs on the board. He’s been at the coal face of meetings for 35+ years, as the chair, organiser, secretary, or attendee. He’s trained people from every type of organisation from government, mining companies, accountancy and law firms, manufacturing, chemical, agricultural, medical, industrial, associations and clubs, charities, churches.
  • Compliant minutes for any type of meeting – David Price’s strategies work for meetings from the board room where minutes have legal implications, right through to the weekly staff meeting and everything in between.
  • GovernanceDavid is an internationally qualified corporate governance professional and also holds the Company Director’s Diploma and the Corporate Directors Diploma. That means you’ll receive the most up to date information on the science of taking better minutes that you can get anywhere, delivered in an entertaining and practical package.
  • Half-Day Program – There’s enough content to fit a day, but a whole day out of the office can be challenging. The learnings have been compacted and packaged up in an easy-to-follow manual so you don’t need to do a whole day course.
  • Copyright cleared templates – The manual you receive has copyright-cleared templates you can keep and use anytime. Once you’ve mastered the system, you’ll be confident at taking minutes in no time.
  • Ask me a question anytime – If you have a tricky question about meetings or minutes, email me [email protected] and I’ll give you the answer you need.

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