Minute Taking Made Easy from Staff Room to Board Room

Almost everyone hates taking minutes at meetings. There are several reasons.

Some people feel intimidated by the people who attend the meetings while others are terrified that they will miss something.

Many people write frantically and then spend hours and sometimes days trying to make sense of their notes.

Lots of people think that it would all be so much easier if they only knew shorthand.

There are a few people who even feign sickness to avoid the whole issue.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is an easier way.

Minute Taking Made Easy from Staff Room to Board Room

A fast moving, entertaining and practical half day workshop
for anyone who takes minutes at any type of meeting.
(With no role plays and you don’t have to take any minutes!!!)


Upcoming Minute Taking workshops in Australia


Minute Taking Made Easy from Staff Room to Board Room

June 25th, 2019 Broome

June 26th Kununurra

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A Training Program Presented by David Julian Price

Australia ’s expert on meetings.

David Julian Price has been training people to take minutes from board meetings to staff meetings for over 25 years. He has trained thousands of people throughout Australia but also New Zealand , and Singapore .



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which David answers in this program.


�        How do I know what to write down and what to leave out?

�        What short cuts are there and how do I know when to use them?

�        Can I interrupt the meeting if I don’t know what they mean, or didn’t hear what they said?

�        My chairperson is a nightmare. I know what I’d like to do, but what can I do?

�        Some of the people, in my meetings want me to write down everything they say and then when I do, they say I have written it down incorrectly – HELP!!!

�        My meetings are very formal. What do I have to include?

�        I’m worried about the legalities – what MUST I know to keep out of trouble?

�        I don’t do shorthand – does it matter?

�        How do I get people to prepare for the meeting so I’m not run off my feet doing things for people at the last minute?

�        Who should do the agenda and how do you prepare an agenda that works?

�        I spend hours transcribing and making sense of my notes – is there a better way?

David answers literally dozens of your questions during the program (and lots more that you didn’t know you had!) and at the end of the morning you’ll have an armoury of tools and strategies to make your minute taking much less stressful.




Here’s What Other People Have Said About This Program

The feedback David receives speaks for itself. Here’s a few comments, but if you’d like to read hundreds more visit click here  


Very informative, helpful and David was a joy as a presenter – made it fun
Joanne Walker, Australian Institute of Sport  

Very well presented and explained. Surprisingly simple but effective.
Joe Glover, Commercial Assistant  

Very progressive – more progressive than most departments
Jan Lockley, Pricing Review Team  

Very interesting, fun and informative. The templates are great.
Michelle Stevens, Australian Federal Police  

Very informative and useful. David kept us totally interested with his sense of humour and obvious knowledge, this will be of great benefit
Deidre Rayner, Australian Sports Commission  

Very informative and stimulating, plenty of scope for change and implementing new ideas.  A fresh look at minute taking.
Lyn Williams, Industry Commission

  Unlike the other courses I have attended I found that not a minute was wasted! Will start using this method at the next program meeting.

Beverly Milloy, CSIRO – Land and Water


Questions lots of people ask  


Will I Be Bored Silly – After All, The Topic Is Minute Taking!?

One of the first things you’ll discover when you attend this program is that David is a funny man. He has the unique ability to make what some people think is an incredibly boring subject – taking minutes – really entertaining. David understands completely that adults learn best when they feel comfortable and they are enjoying themselves – you’ll laugh a lot!


David is also totally practical. He doesn’t teach things that are unrealistic or impractical. You’ll learn useful, handy and convenient ways to make your minute taking a much easier task than it is now.


Is This Program Suitable For My Organisation?

You’re probably wondering if this program is suitable for your organisation or the type of meetings you attend. Well, David has trained people from every type of organisation from government, mining companies, accountancy and law firms, manufacturing, chemical, agricultural, medical, industrial, associations and clubs, charities, churches – after 20 years he has worked with them all! In addition, David’s strategies work for meetings from the board room where minutes have legal implications right through to the weekly staff meeting and everything in between.


Is This Up To Date With New Corporate Governance Requirements?

David is an internationally qualified corporate governance professional and also holds the Company Director’s Diploma and the Corporate Directors Diploma. That means that you will receive the most up to date information about minute taking that you can get anywhere – all delivered in an entertaining and totally practical package.


How Long Is The Program?

The program is half a day. We could stretch it out to a full day but our experience is that a full day out of the office is sometimes hard to take and David has the training experience to give you everything you need in a tightly run, well organised, four hours. David believes that it’s better to make the training fast moving and high in energy, than slow moving and “restful”.


How Much Will It Cost To Get This Skill?

You’ll be getting a professionally presented and incredibly well packaged summary of over 20 years of experience for $297. And you’ll be getting this from Australia ’s recognised expert on meetings – David Julian Price.



What Will I Receive?

As an attendee at the program you’ll receive a comprehensive manual including copyright cleared templates you can use. Of course, you will be able to ask questions at any time in the future and we’ll send you the answer. It  is like having your own personal “Minute Taking Coach” sitting next to you!


You will also receive updates as we release them on new techniques and strategies we develop or we learn about. It will make you the most valuable person in the meetings!


When Can I Attend?

We run these programs regularly. Email david@davidprice.com for details of future dates or to arrange a course to be run in your organisation.

Read what past participants have said about this
Minute Taking Program

There are hundreds of them – we’ve been doing this with excellent feedback for a long time!

Very well presented and explained. Surprisingly simple but effective.

Joe Glover, Commercial Assistant
Very useful information provided. The templates will be useful in the work environment

Tony Perkins, Executive Officer
Very relevant – will definetely be a timesaver

Chris Etuttal, Project Officer, Policy and Secretariat
Very progressive – more progressive than most departments

Jan Lockley, Pricing Review Team
Very practical and I look forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice!

Sue Kinguland, CSIRO – Land and Water
Very interesting, fun and informative. The templates are great, as is the disk.

Michelle Stevens, Australian Federal Police
Very interesting but felt second half was rushed

Carol Barmin, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
very interesting and useful

Bridie O’Gorman, Rel Corp Management Services
Very interesting and informative, I hope to be assertive enough to implement this!

Fiona Gazzard, Environment Australia

Very informative, some good points and suggestions to be implemented back in the office

Sue Lillywhite, lP Australia – Trademasts

very informative, helpful and David was a joy as a presenter – made it fun

Joanne Walker, Australian Institute of Sport
Very informative will help not only as a minute taker also day to day activities

Betty Robertson, Australian Centre for International Agriculture Re
Very informative and well run

Joanne Cantle, Office of the Status of Women
Very informative and useful. David kept us totally interested with his sense of humour and obvious knowledge, this will be of great benefit

Deidre Rayner, Australian Sports Commission
Very informative and useful.  Recommended

Quynh – Tram Trinh, The Department of Treasury
Very informative and useful.

Gavin Kelleher, ABCB
Very informative and stimulating, plenty of  scope for change and implementing new ideas.  A fresh look at minute taking.

Lyn Williams, Industry Commission
Very good – useful tools and great suggestions.

Tina Gore, Relcorp Management and Services
Very enlightening

Teresa Millynn, ACT Dept of Education and Community Services
Unlike the other courses I have attended I found that not a minute was wasted! Will start using this method at the next program meeting.

Beverly Milloy, CSIRO – Land and Water
Today’s program was informative and relevant to the work I currently do for the Board, it has helped me to develop myself and provide better assistance to the board.

Katrina Slater, Grains Research and Development Corporation
Today’s program helped me to bring my thinking about minute taking up to date.

Sandra Ryan, Industry Science & Resources
This course was very good and would be really useful to minimising time and effort in future meetings.

Marlene Nuva, Department of the Environment
This concept takes the hard work from minute taking

Brigid Doherty, Dept of Defence
The presentation was interesting, fast moving and informative with lots of useful information.

Bev Rose, CSIRO – Plant Industry
Thanks. The tables look good. I’ll give them a try.

Debbie O’Donoghue, Family & Community Services



Thank you for making me feel confident in taking minutes. Most enjoyable and stimulating.

Jeanette Mitchell, ACT Information Services, Chief Ministers Dept
Sence of humour helped

Julie-Anne Wallace, The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Most informative and useful, I look forward to implementing change in several areas/ organisations, thank you

Sue Bacon, Australian Sports Commission
interesting – made it quite clear that minute taking should be easier and brief minute should be taken

Sue Rynhart, IP Australia
Inspiring – can’t wait to implement these ideas.

Cathryn Reed, CSIRO – Plant Industry

informative, well constructed course.

Natalie Maxwell, IP Australia
I loved the approach to this course, it was definetely worth attentding and I was far from bored, I also gained helpful information

Tamara Westlin, Department of Social Security
I gained a lot from this session, organisation of information is very important in today’s business.

Elizabeth Zouch, CSIRO – Plant Industry
I found today workshop both informative and practical

John Izzard, Australian Transport Council
I found the session very useful and informative

Irene Cassoni, Dept of Health & Family Services
I found the meeting to be very informative in such a short space of time. I will certainly be adopting this method in future – it looks so much easier and more efficient

Megan Williams, Therapeutic Goods Administration – Laboratories
I found the format/structure of the agenda good and helpful

Ingrid Watchman, Attorney Generals Dept
I found the course very helpful and hope that it will be useful in my work career

Effie Poulos, Chief Ministers Department
I found David Price to be a very professional and entertaining presenter who was successful in impacting quite a bit of useful information and minute taking.

Sue Strang, Australian Sports Drug Agency
I first learned about meetings and minutes at school (in commerce) it would be great if these new innovations could be built into the next generation of meeting and minute takers at school so they get the best start in the unavoidable world of meetings!

Christine Evans, Questacon – The National Science and Technology centre
Highly informative and of great benefit certainly is minute taking made easy

Tania Perrin, Dept immigration and multicultural affairs
Helps clarify how to focus in meetings, and how to be more efficient

Phoebe Jones, Australian Sports Drug Agency
Great ideas, worth waiting 30 years, I have been looking for this information for 30 years thank you

Elizabeth L Mason, Dept of Industry, Science and Resources
Great – energetic, informative.

Frances Wilson, Department of the House of Representatives
Fast, informative empowering and modern

Pam Roach, Australian Institute of Sport
Fascinating as well as inspiring.

Andrea Robins, CSIRO – Plant Industry
fantastic! Practical, easy to implement and extended our existing knowledge.

Jo-anne Beattie, IP Australia
Fabulous – lots of ideas, very useful strategies I can use straight away.

Michelle Watson, CSIRO – Plant Industry
Exploded common myths about minute taking – I really thought I needed either shorthand or a tape recorder!! Thanks

Susanna Taylor, IP Australia
Excellent, and heaps of fun!! Learnt heaps of useful informati+on

Rose Shorney, Department of Social Security
Excellent ideas! The hard bit is putting it into practice

Jane Stanifourth, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Excellent course – David never lost my interest throughout the course – very interesting and informative.

Lyn Peters, Australian Institute of Sport
Excellent – very informative. Offers potential for great future time saving – potential for better conduct of meetings in the future.

Ian Coffill, ABCB
Enthusiastic,clear, precise presentation.

Anne Grubb, CSIRO
Enjoyed the course and the content. Will definitely use this “new” method in my role as a minute taker.

Lillian Cromble, CSIRO – Plant Industry
Contained some very effective ways of minute taking which I would hope to implement.

Trish Donnelly, Dept of Health and Family Services
Appreciated the useful tips for easier minute writing

Cheryl Ryan, Gungahlin Development Authority
An excellent, enlightening seminar giving me a good source of ideas to adopt and making me realise I can do alot of the work for the minutes before the meeting takes place

Ivana Gallo, Centrelink
Able to see how this will impact on workplace. Very effective

Fiona O’Loughlin, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
A very enlightening morning – interesting to discover easier organisation processes.  I will attempt to put some new ideas into place.

Sharon Bryant, Dept of Infrastructure
An extremely useful program to take back to the office.

Merry Young, Victorian Curriculum & Assesment Authority
Enlightening fun

Marj Denton, Natural Resources and Environment
Excellent information had not come across before. (eg minute taking direct to laptop)  Wish more time to review modern minute taking process (creating table/data/hyperlinking)

Dee Webb, Rail Projects Group
Excellent! I was putting in a lot of unnecessary work, though I needed shorthand to take minutes.   Now I know different.  Thanks!

Marguerite Partridge, Preston & Northcote Community Hospital



Excellent. Content was great. Seemed a bit rushed at end – perhaps need to spend more time explaining the forms/templates.

Wendy Bartlett, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre

Fantastic Course!! I certainly have gained a lot of useful information out of this.

Michelle O’Rourke, Curriculum Corporation
Feel very useful and very comfortable being here

Ljiljana Pap, Dnister Ukranian Credit Union
Great ideas, cant wait to use them

Sandra Palmer, Natural Resources and Environment
I found it quite enriching – giving the new technology already existing.

Marlene Bouquet, Building Control Commission
Illuminating and provides a glimpse to have to change an old system to a new electronic system with data base capability

Ian Romeril, Surveyors Board
Informative, revolutionary, breaking new ground�and I can do it.

Annette Taylor, Department of Natural Resources & Environment
It was a fast paced interesting and informative session presenting up to date and useful information

Lorna Heiman, Victoria Grants Commission

It will improve my working life

Tula Sahinidis, Dept of Human Services
Made me really think about minute taking and the different concepts that can be incorporated.  Very interesting

Ann Mahoney, Natural Resources and Environment
Most useful and I hope to use method of information systems gained. ie Different pages for each item.  How to have more control over meetings and hopefully make them run smoother.

Steven Adams, Office of Housing   Dept of Human Services
Quite informative and to the point

Gabriella Averte, Parliamentary Debates
Thank you for enlightening my obsolete minute taking skills.  Coming back into a role requiring minute taking has shown me how out of date with modern ways of office procedure I am

Angela Duke, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

The presenter was very informative but also very entertaining which was a very refreshing change

Iolanda Fazzari, Building Practitioners Board
Though provoking. Will be very useful.

Linda Youngs, East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Very enjoyable and informative.  I now feel much more confident in minute taking

Gayle Buttrose, Office of Housing
Very enjoyable, got some great ideas

Julie Lim, Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd
Very entertaining and instructive

Wendy James, Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority
Very good.  Learnt a lot and it was entertaining.  Would recommend it to others.

Lisa McQueen, Dept Natural Resources and Environment
Very informative and innovative. Want to hear more!

Madeleine Midon, Council of Adult Education
Very informative session, I picked up lots of tips, hopefully I will be able to put them in place in the future.

Fran Harms, CPA Australia
Very interesting, challenging. Learnt a lot of new ways of doing things that had never before been thought of. Has encouraged me to try and make changes in my organisation.

Brooke White, Department of Justice
Very interesting, many worthwhile points highlighted.  Eye opening

Lorraine Grinton, Dept of Natural Resources and Environment

Can’t wait to “shock the pants” off my committee members. This technique will save me loads of time. I’m even thinking about setting up an ACCESS database for each committee which links up and contains all your templates. Only problem I see with the

Tracey McVea, NSA Fisheries
Concise and informative. Extremely enlightening.

Roberta Hardy, SBS Corporation
Enjoyable – direct to the point clearer thinking relating to minutes can see bottom line.

June Harris, Amercian Express



Excellent   it showed and provided me an insight into meetings that are logical and common sense but are either overlooked / ignored or not even considered.

Greg Mountjoy, Bicentennial Park Trust

Extremely beneficial – I will definitely use the tools provided. It will make a mundane task far more enjoyable.

Kathryn Crump, TAFE NSW
Extremely useful and very simple to apple, Thanks!

Suzana Evans, IP Australia
Great course – useful tips to save time.

Melissa Rushton, American Airlines
I benefited greatly from this course.  My whole preception of minute taking has changed – its not as bad as I thought.

Sharon Taylor, Community Services Commission
I didn’t realise how quick and easy minute taking could be. Thanks for bringing me up to date.

Clare Wood, Commonwealth Ombudsman
I found the ideas presented very innovative.

Lynn Bennett, Public Trustee
I found this program answered all my questions / goals

Romaine Rebeira, Bicentennial Park Trust

I got more out of the past three hours than I have in two day courses I the past.  Very basic – very informative.

Wanda Laydon, Unisys Australia

I have learnt so much this morning and feel my confidence level has definitely increased. I believe that minute taking is going to be easier for me now.

Catherine Spain, South East Health
I was hoping to learn how to train myself not to take down minutes verbatim.  If not write down everything and listen for salient points.

Mary Maliphant, Department of Mineral Resources
Informative. Good to have discussion on this topic.

Steve Toms, National Parks and Wildlife Service

Lots of good information but second half rather rushed

Carol Lake, Australian Sports Commission
Oh it was great   gained some excellent ideas and knowledge

Patricia Waddell, Worldxchange
Some helpful hints.  Structured more for large corporations

Verza Juras, Waxmon Assoicates
Some useful tips. Proformas in booklet will save time.

Andrina Hayes, NSW Fire Brigades
The course was very informative. Hope to use the model in the future.

Elsa Reddan, Department of Health
The presentation was fast moving and the content very god, as were the notes provided. The room was too cold.

Sian Malyn, Safe Food NSW
This course was inspiring and full of information. It will help me create more quick and effective minutes. Thanks David.

Vanessa Hammond, Q Stores
This program has given an insight how to be more effective as a minute taker

Adele Bedetti, AMP Superannuation
Today’s program was great. I really learnt a lot. Very informative and fun. A lot of things I would never have thought of.

Tina Lawson, Q Stores
Today’s programs were informative, funny and extremely useful. The short guy with red hair was the best speaker I have heard in a long time.  I needed teachers like you! Years ago!

Helen Forster, Public Transport
Valuable, I saw many of my own weaknesses particulary in a leading role from an efficiency perspective.

Dianne McDonald, Bicentennial Park Trust

Very good, detailed and interesting.

Jack Hannan, NSW Fisheries
Very informative and clear to understand. Make minute taking easier to do and understand.

Margaret Riakos, NSW Health



Very informative and helpful to myself and eventually my organisation.

Ray Hughes, Bicentennial Park Trust

Very interesting – good tips.

Sandra Holt, ANSTO
Very interesting and informative – great ideas to implement.  Valuable considering I have just become a minute taker and just introduced to computers.

Fay Fellinga, St Mary’s College
Very logical approach to subject. Steps paradigm of the old way is the best way.

Pat Tully, NSW Fisheries
Very useful and clarifying for me as a Manager

Steven Illek, Bicentennial Park Trust

Very useful and clarifying for me as a Manager

Steven Illek, Bicentennial Park Trust

Very useful shortcut tips

Judy Irving, Winterthur International Pty Ltd
You have confirmed my belief that a computer at meetings is the next step. I can now further develop the tables I already use for minutes. Thank you.

Marjorie Goward, TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute of TAFE
Wonderful, very interesting and so helpful, finally I might half enjoy the job of minute taking.

Louise McLennan, Department of Local Govt and Planning
Was very inspired and thought those who didn’t attend had totally dipped out.

Leanne Cunial, QT Maritimes Services
Very well structured. Will help me to make my minute taking easier.

Wendy Poulsen, Qld Health
Very well presented. Not boring – very understandable, enjoyable and informative.

Madonna Kelly, Sarina Shire Council
Very useful, simply clarified/explained and entertaining.

Onno Van Es, Sarina Shire Council
Very interesting, supportive and positive, hopefully we’ll try and implement some of these ideas soon. We’ll need to start educating chairs!

Ann Matthews, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Very informative. I found the information very relevant and useful. I will definitely be using the methods mentioned.

Carly Nielsen, Dept of Premier and Cabinet
Very informative. Came away with useful tools that I can use in my current and future jobs.

Sarah Williams, Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Very informative.

Kay Brodel, Central Queensland University

Very informative, I am now more confident in taking minutes. Now I am the boss of the meetings

Cathy Menegon, Qld Health
Very informative, excellent speaker – makes training fun and interesting.

Kerri Whichello, Queenland Transport- Maritime Division
Very informative, done in a fun and interactive way.

Alexsandra Borcic, Queensland Department of main roads

Very informative, detailing work practices that are easily applied to a variety of jobs.

Louise Langdon, Sarina Shire Council
Very informative and valuable

Katrina McGee, Office of Health Practitioner Registration Boards
Very informative and positive approach to the presentation. Enjoyed the morning. “A real ego boost”

Deana Meredith, Dept of the Premier and Cabinet
Very informative and extremely useful. I intend on using many of the methods discussed.

Fiona Mackay, Dept. Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Very informative and enjoyable.

Juanita Kappu, Department of Public Works
Very informative – learnt a tremendous amount – Thank you!!

Carmen Hoolihan, Division of Oncology – Royal Brisbane Hospital



Very impressed with the structure of course and the inclusion of forms for own use and believe the workload associated with minute taking will be dramatically reduced when implemented.

Penny Back, QLD Office of Gaming Regulation
Very helpful, very well presented, informative and enjoyable

Narelle Morris, QIEU
Very helpful and worth the time to do. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a “Minute taker”

Matthew Kajganic, Dept Sport and Recreation
Today’s program was very informative and interesting. Worth coming along to learn new skills regarding Minute Taking.

Alma Hawdon, Dept of Families
Today has been excellent. Very informative and entertaining. I would really recommend the session.

Kellie Hartvigsen, Dept of State Development
This session was energetic. Full of brilliant tips for survival of meetings kept my attention. ( Sometimes not easy)

Penny Smith, Dept of Families – Regional Office
This course offers revolutionary yet practical tools for better effective minute-taking. David is inspirational and the course was a joy to take, I would recommend it to everyone who has meetings.

Amanda Hall, Commerce
This course has provided a great deal of helpful information. It was very informative and also entertaining.

Amanda Johnson, Sarina Shire Council
The fog has been cleared. I am no longer in the dark. Having been provided with the tools, I now feel more confident to produce minutes people are likely to read.

Jeanette Steer, Griffith University – Gold Coast

Thank you for an informative, efficient, helpful and entertaining presentation

Kay Sullivan, Queensland Transport

Some very helpful pointers/suggestions which could be very useful in our organisation.

Gregory Moore, Dept of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Simple tools and techniques that be applied straight away

Stephen Dove, Main Roads
Really helpful. I am empowered to take on the task of delegating myself as permanent minute taker of our weekly staff meetings which have no permanent minute taker. It should be a good start ot my career.

Simone Palmer, Dept of Families



Pretty good, will do some changes.

Rita Rigg, Royal Brisbane Hospital

Presentation was great! Good introduction for me into minute taking.

Christine Thompson, Sarina Shire Council
Overall the program was discussed and the layout was excellent. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Kathleen O’Connor, Department of Families
One of the most worthwhile and useful courses I have ever attended. It will definitely change the way I do my minutes.

Vera Rand, Dept of State Development
Most enjoyable session. Learnt a few more tricks on my minute taking, especially the “short” version – spreadsheets. Absolutely wonderful – my work will be much easier from now on.

Annie Wren, Aboriginal Coordinating Council
Interesting and energetic.

Hayley Flanagan, Department of Families
Informative and helpful

Meg Carroll, RACP Qld state committee
Information clearly given and helpful

Glenys Bertram, OHPRB
I thoroughly enjoyed today’s program. It has taught me a lot that I did not already know.

Michell Devlin, QLD Transport Maritime
I learnt a lot. Lots of new ideas. Very nice presentation. Thank you David.

Wendy Rogash, Qld Health
I got a lot of information out of today and am now looking forward to taking minutes. I will be more prepared for meetings even if I do not take minutes. Excellent presentation.

Sandra Sypiena, Dept of Natural Resources and Mines
I found this course to be fun and productive, I walked away with the confidence to walk into a meeting and take the minutes easily and without stress, David was great.

Bronwyn Mills, Department of Primary Industries
I found some very informative information to aid in the taking of minutes and the preparation of the minutes so that they ar quicker and easier.

Jacqui Bowen, Nebo Shire Council



I found it very useful and informative

Sinead Lee, Office of Health Practitioner Registration Boards
I can really see how the agenda creates the minutes and the importance of details, decisions heeded etc, this will save heaps of time.

Sue Padgett, Logan institute of TAFE

Highlighted current weaknesses of our system – was very useful and informative, Thank you.

Patricia Ross, Recreation Training QLD
Helpful, Interesting and Informative.

Kerry Duffy, Royal Brisbane Hospital

Great. Gave me a lot to think about and some new ideas to take back to my organisation. Will help streamline my work.

Judith Trovato, Mackay Regional Council for Social Development
Great delivery – never boring unlike other courses. Good interaction with participants. Opened my eyes to an easier way to achieve my goals.

Angela Fayers, Regional Communities –  Dept of the Premier and Cabinet
Good ideas but convincing others that the standard is acceptable, leaving bits out would prove tricky

Kathryn Briys, Office of Health Practitioner Registration Boards
Fun makes learning easy

Cecilia Ung, DIMA
Found this course very interesting and the information I got out of it is going to be very useful.

Stacey Budby, Dept of Families
Fantastic. So simple and so effective. Pity I didn’t do th course years ago.

Judith Rhodes, National Native Title Tribunal
Extremely well presented, I’ve gone away feeling much more confident about my minute taking, Thank you

Sharon Lomsargis, St Joseph’s Nudgee College

Extremely useful, David is a fantastic presenter I have learnt techniques which will be very helpful.

Nicky Turia, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Extremely useful and enjoyable a great presentation

Debby Ramsay, Office of Health Practitioner Registration Boards



Excellent. Clarified and informed.

Jeanette Turner, Queensland Arts Council

Excellent, very informative

Emma Turner, Dept of Public Works
Excellent, great concepts and ideas, would love to attend further courses.

Tania Donai, Queensland Emergency Services

Excellent Process and Understanding of process to support an outcome.  Enhances efficiency – has to be worthwhile

Sue-Ellen Kusher, Present the Presenter

Leesa Deen, Queensland Transport Maritime Division

Entertaining, informative, some very good points that I will put into practice.

Billie Ward, Medical Board of Queensland

Done well – good presenter. Gained lots of new ideas. Served its purpose.

Lisa Knight, Department of Public Works
Definitely worth waiting for – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Lenore Hansen, Dept of the Premier and Cabinet
Definitely enjoyable and a great environment for learning. Clear and concise resources without a need for continual note taking. Really enjoyed the presentation.

Karen Suey, QLD Ambulance Service
David was a fun and fantastic presenter, who made it fun which had more impact to remember what he said.

Kerry Somerville, Division of Oncology – Royal Brisbane Hospital

Clearly presented in an interesting and informative manner.  The ABC of good minute taking and meeting running.

Judith Rogers, Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Brilliant presenter. Even better presentation.

Sam Spence, NR + M
An enjoyable, helpful morning thank you

Peter Collie, Office of Health Practitioner Registration Boards



A very enlightening course and will be very helpful. Has given me guidance and direction to even begin in the right place!

Katrina Schutz, Office of Chief Health Officer – QLD
A much more methodical and concise approach to an unpleasant task

Janelle Wilson, QLD Transport- Marine Operations
A great way to use meetings’ time effectively. I like the creation of data base to stop conflicts and arguments – that waste time and damage working relationships.

Beth Cozens, Whitsunday Community Services
The course was really well presented and structured, it will definitely make my job much easier to do.

Karen Moore, Division of Oncology – Royal Brisbane Hospital

You have been able to answer a bit of my questions that most people have looked at me blankly – no answer.

Anita Del Popolo, Eventscorp
Wonderfully creative.

Kylie Partridge, Fire and Rescue Service of WA

Jackie Fisk, Diseas Control
Wonderful!  Inspiring   Great speaker / Motivator

Ede Long, Dept. of Psychiatry   NMHS
Wonderful fun way of learning new minute taking methods

Carol Harrop, Fremantle Hospital

Will ??? that my time is not wasted on inefficient meetings.  I can now create a partnership with members of the committee.

Stephen Jones, Special Air Service Recruitment
What generally is considered a dull subject certainly turned out to be anything but.

Halia Oleksiuk, Office of Information Commissioner
Well worth the time.  Glad to have the opportunity.  Have always liked doing minutes allbeit a ‘volunteer’ situation – will enjoy the challenge of getting up to date.

Jane Humby, North Metroplitan Health Service

Well worth attending by minute takers.

Brian French, Mair & Co.



Well presented.  I loved the fruit tingles.  Content; much of the information confirmed what I already do   the last section provides an invaluable tool.

Shauna Booth, Womens Policy Development
Well presented.

Grynwynn Bugler, RKHS
Well presented, clear and very helpful and innovative. Certainly has changed my thinking about minute taking

Vicki Davies, Western Institute of self help
Well presented with realistic techniques.

Andrew McGail, Swan Hills Division of GP’s
Well presented with excellent insight into people’s behaviour at meetings!

Eileen Lambe, Hollywood Private Hospital

Well prepared, organised and interesting workshop

Johann Willis, Edith Cowan University
Well organised and though out.  Quick moving and not boring.

Glenda Carlton, City of Melville

Was a very enjoyable and productive morning.  Thank you.

Vikki Santwyk, Dietetic & Nutrition Department
Was a very enjoyable and productive morning.  Thank you.

Vikki Santwyk, Dietetic & Nutrition Department
Very well presented and organised

Robyn Anne Calhoun, Fremantle Hospital

Very well presented and entertaining

Margrett Pertolan, Health Information Centre

Very well orchestrated and very easy to gain from.  Beneficial to experienced and new secretaries / minute takers.

Joanne Morris, WA Tourism Commission
Very useful; Have had no prior training in How to Take Effective Minutes

Jan Burch, Spowers



Very useful.

Deirdre Nicoli, TAFE International WA
Very useful, very easily adaptable to individual committers.  My performance will be enhanced by effective / accurate minute taking

Surg Samurai, Aust. Society of CAPS
Very useful to improve minute taking

Kathryn Bowie, Homeswest
Very useful information was imparted to us.  I will definitely go away and use this new method.

Nicole Stewart, National Native Title Tribunal
Very Useful for future meetings.  I’ll try to implement the method to write minutes more efficiently.

Stefan Batori, Hardi Spraying Equipment WA
Very useful and informative.  The only trick is implementing what I have learnt.

Claire Cowie, Dept of Local Government
Very useful & practical.

Kevin Donohue, Fisheries WA
Very useful – I’m so glad David wasn’t an American   much more credible!

Selina Chrimes, Fisheries Dept of WA
Very useful

Fran Head, Fisheries Dept of WA
Very thorough with practised examples.  Helpful.

Carolynne McKerihan, Field Support   Dept General Practice
Very straight forward, very good.

Gayle Morris, National Native Title Tribunal
Very sensible ideas – “can’t fail formula” it has to be able to work as it seems so easy!

Pamela deVos, SBS Rural IAMA Pty Ltd
Very precise and educative.

Sandra Kon-Yu, WA Fire Brigades Board



Very pleased I attended and discovered a simple and effective way of preparing agenda’s and subsequent meetings.

Michael Smith, ECU
Very new, modern and innovative.  I did not think there was anything new to learn about minute taking.

Rebecca McGregor, National Native Title Tribunal
Very modern and informative, great ideas, well presented – David is confident and concise

Fiona Routledge, Family and Children Services
Very interesting. It has helped me to look at minute taking from a different point of view

Eleanor Hawke, ATSIC
Very interesting, very informative.  Davids has excellent memory of peoples names – impressed.

Sue Rose, Kwinana Community Health & Development Centre
Very interesting, a new tool I feel I can apply easy!

Dagmar Herne, Burswood International Resort Centre
Very interesting and informative

Shelley Huts, Edith Cowan University
Very interesting and informative

Lisa Murphy, Noongar Land Council

Very interesting and entertaining and informative

Elizabeth Whitehead, Valuer Generals Office
Very interesting – looks easy   the hard bit will be trialing it.

Noel Whiteford, Disability Services Unit – WA Dept Training
Very innovative, Definitely worth trying

Cheryl Leicester, Fisheries WA
Very innovative and planned methods of communication which would assist objectives and outcomes on time

Rozlin Etherington, Silver Chain
Very informative. Useful, practical information

Sonia Esquibel, Valuer Generals Office



Very informative. Easy to understand and user friendly.

Debbie Brooks, Royal Perth Hospital

Very informative.  Would recommend.

Irene Loughton, Education Department of WA
Very informative.  Will be hard to change old habits.  Should cut down on my time spent transcribing minutes.

Jean Heedes, Town of Kwinana

Very informative.  Some intersting aspects to use in the work place.

Carolyn McPherson, OSBORNE PARK Hospital

Very informative.  Interesting.

Karon Woods, Transport Licensing Division
Very informative.  Helpful as to what I was doing incorrectly – (everything).  Better understanding and ease of Minute Taking

Vicky Komorowski, SBS Rural IAMA P/L
Very informative.

Elaine Dale, RKHS
Very informative, well structured, well presented.  Liked the fact that the info was presented in a straightforward, logical, useful way.

James Hunter, Health and Family Services (Dept of)
Very informative, very easy to pick up on the new information.

Vanessa Whitely, Screen West
Very informative, predominantly in regards to current trends and future directions.

Kirsty Miller, Lower North Metro Health Service
Very informative, lots of excellent ideas

Lee A Charrett,
Very informative, lively.  Looks of enthusiasm and useful and practical ideas.

Virginia Simms, Dept of Minerals and Energy
Very informative, innovative and entertaining.  Will make minute taking less traumatic.

Lynda Jakobson, RAAF Base/Dept of Defence



Very informative, hope to implement new structure at my next meeting

Jo McGarry, Hartley Poynton
Very informative, helpful.  Quite looking forward to my next meeting.

Claire Duncan, Performing Arts Festival
Very informative, gained some new ideas and great tips.

Alma Vanderklau, WA Fire Brigades Board
Very informative, clarified many questions as to how to record what you need, the info everyone else needs.  How to minimise the work that goes into recording  effective minute taking.

Davina Gallager, Burswood International Resort Casino
Very informative, and easy to understand.  Looking forward to trying out these ideas

Maureen Behan, Social Security Appeals Tribunal
Very informative well present short and to the point.

Eric Bedwarczyk, Fremantle Hospital

Very informative session.  I’m glad I attended

Robyn Tolley, Edith Cowan University
Very informative session with excellent presentation of the material

Anita Redding, Edith Cowan University
Very informative session with current processes being discusses/demonstrated.  Many techniques available for incorporating into college processes.

Richard Cohn, South East Metropolitan College of TAFE – Director

Very informative on easy ways to prepare for and take minutes.

Robert Bruns, Agriculture WA

Very informative and uplifting

Jean Rothery, Ministry of Justice
Very informative and time frame was perfect

Margot Butt, Edith Cowan University
Very informative and relevant, lively presentation.

Edwina Dias, Aust. Tax Office



Very informative and interesting. I have really benefitted from this program

Sharon Lawrence, Ministry of Justice
Very informative and interesting, will make life a lot easier!

Jode Caple, HBF of WA (inc)
Very informative and interesting and fantastic.

Suzanne McEvoy, ECU – Joondalup
Very informative and helpful.

Evangeline Colombus, Osborne Park Hospital

Very informative and helpful in helping me take minutes easily and efficiently

Leanne Swift, Serco Water(WA) Pty
Very informative and excellent presentation

Tina Hayes, Aust Society of CPA’s
Very informative and entertaining. Minute taking will now be much easier

Margaret Pollock, Ministry of Justice
Very informative and enjoyable.  Recommended!

Gillian Hogermeer, Fremantle Hospital

Very informative and educational, excellent concepts.

Cecily Jarvis, Hollywood Private Hospital

Very Informative and certainly makes minutes easy!

Patricia Oxley, WA Fire and Rescue Service
Very informative and beneficial for future development in meetings.

Rod Dawe,
Very informative and a lot was learnt.

Teena Wood, City of Melville

Very informative & useful.

Gay Iriks, Milne Feeds Pty Ltd



Very informative & Dying to put it all into practice.  Early days yet but sure the course will help me get started & confidence to change.  Previous ways.

Christine Spencer, Women and Infants Research Foundation
Very informative – very enjoyable

Teresa Davenport, Fremantle Hospital

Very informative – made things a lot clearer and brought up effective tools – which I know I will be able to use

Jemma Rock, City of Cockburn

Very informative – learnt a lot

Ron Farrueia, Alintagas
Very informative – its already being used in my workplace and has wll and truly proved itself.

Rella Walker, Commonwealth Rehab Services
Very informative – can’t wait to put it into action – Thank you.

Jae Becker, Fire and Rescue Service
Very informative

Shirley Kennedy, Health Department
Very informative

Kerry Boyce, Crime Prevention Bureau
Very helpful, I feel it may take some selling to introduce to some areas of my work,

Rhondda Chappell, MPA
Very helpful in boosting confidence

Julia Kennington, Valuer Generals Office
Very helpful and informative.  Fits into modern environment.

Jeff Chan Ban Guan, City of Melville

Very helpful – a lot of practical advice and examples. Light hearted approach – Great!

Eileen McVittie, Sisters of Mercy Perth

Very good.  To improve efficiency   time management & productivity.

Linda D’Cruz, Ministry for Culture & The Arts



Very good.

Tracey Clifford, Screenwest
Very good, will start to implement improvements

Gunnar Horn, Water Corporation
Very good, good information

Josephine Kennedy, Town of Kwinana

Very good – lots of ideas and tips

Tim McCarthy, Medibank Private Ltd
Very fast, very creative.

Julie McNamara, City of Perth

Very eye opening. I’m sure this will work for me.

Nikki Kerr, Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention
Very enlightening and enjoyable morning   David made all details clear and easy to understand and relate to.

Michelle Boelens, Hartley Poynton Ltd
Very enjoyable, I never wanted to do the minutes at work but after this course I mihgt give it a go

Theresa Evans, Valuer Generals Office
Very educational and interesting.

Michelle Peberdy, Facilities Management
Very constructive.  Ideas that can easily be adopted and used.

Amanda Matthews, Hartley Poynton Limited
Very ??? presentation   good interaction on behalf of everyone

Geoff Parrott, Dept of Defence (Army)
Valuable.  Need to implement this for all ‘management’ type meetings.  Will also try for Medical Advisory Committee.

Lynette Anderson, Osbourne Park Hospital

Useful, introduced new ideas, thought provoking, enjoyed style of the presenter

Dione Bentley, Women’s Economic Development Org.



Useful information was provided.

John McGlashan, Fire and Rescue Service
Up until today I have never been interested in public speaking.

Bill Duffy,
True to its name – minutes made easy.  I’m excited by the possibilities it presents for me to be effective in all that I do.

Daryl Rawlings, Fire and Rescue Service
Took the nightmare from minute taking

Patricia D’Cruze, Office of the Auditor General
Today’s session has given me great ideas on how to efficiently take minutes.  Most of all it has given me excellent “tools” to make this happen.

Linda Cole, Curtin University of Technology

Todays programme was very informative and clarified the finer points of meeting procedures.

Marjorie Rauschenberger, Community Health Service
Today’s program has been very informative and practical.

Cindy Chan, Department of Education Services
To the point, practical advice presented in a digestable format.

Johann Combrinch, Mental Health Department of WA
Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to my work colleagues.

Pauline Verhoeven, National Native Title Tribunal
This would apply to most of my meetings.  Can’t wait to get back to the office and prepare my board meeting.

Sarah Pye, Perth Theatre Trust
This would apply to most of my meetings.  Can’t wait to get back to the office and prepare my board meeting.

Sarah Pye, Perth Theatre Trust
This was the shortest 3.5 hour course I have ever attending – completelyworthwhile.  Thanks for the clarity.

Norma Gladding, Education Department of WA
This was the most interesting and informative seminar I have attended.

Christina Sanders, Dept Transport



This was the most interesting and informative seminar I have attended.

Christina Sanders, Dept Transport
This was an extremely interesting and informative seminar and will assit me greatly in the future.

Rebecca Uniewicz,
This was a very well presented informative program. I like the system and processing method provided and will find it as a useful tool. In my work and home, if necessary.

Anne Tregford, Royal Perth Hospital

This session assumes we are all computer literate.  I’m not when it comes to spreadsheets.  I will give it a go & look forward to the results.

Sue Hamilton, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
This is a very informative program, it will result in greater productivity in our organisation.

Barry Wild, RAAF
This has been a very enjoyable workshop.  I will most certainly change my mind today and use this new method.

Frieda Penman, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
This half a day program has been excellent.  It will definitely make my life easier and more effective and efficient.

Elaine Yap, Worley Limited
This course will definitely help me in the future.  I am sure I will be efficient.

Tessa Tornatora, Catholic Institute
This course was very useful to me.  Lots of tips and ideas.  Thankyou.

Anne Gowing, YSAC
This course was extremely worthwhile I now have a totally new view on minute taking.

Michelle Balch,
This course has provided me with enough information to make meetings something to look forward to (with gentle implementation of methods learnt today) rather than something I dread.

Angela Rooney, Guild of Undergraduates, UWA
The workshop was fast moving, enlightening, entertaining, informative – brilliant – a really enjoyable experience.

Sue Warwick, Education Department of WA
The seminar had a very positive outlook on how to set out the minutes. I was very impressed.

Liana Binder, Marr Moodity Foundation



The program’s were a real eye opener. I had been making things harder for myself

Sharon Hamilton, Sheriff’s Office   M.O.J
The program was very well presented very informative and interesting and clear

Heidi Engelhardt, National Native Title Tribunal
The program was interesting and infomative and conducted at a good pace.

Linley Hine, Dept of Education Services
The program was easy to follow, informative and eye opening.;

Emma Vagliuieelo, CEO
The program was concise, informative and up to the mark as far as the most progressive way in which to take minutes

Karen Rossow, Edith Cowan University
The program has certainly challenged previous meeting procedures that we use

Susan Perkins, Town of Bassendean

The information booklet was very useful.  Explanation was excellent

Pamela Kodituwakku, Fremantle Hospital

The ideas presented are going to be very helpful in future minute taking

Monica Pereira, Bill Doherty
The course is very informative.  This would help me in performing efficiently my minute taking duties.

Corazon Smith, National Native Title Tribunal
The course has given me confidence in what I will be doing and reinforced ideas I already had in relation to minute taking and how it should be handled

Judith Jones, Law Society of WA
Thanks, it makes a lot of sense working in the format you have shown me.

Sigrid Bolz, Lotteries Commission
Terrifically interesting and absorbing

Mary Askew, GESB
Terrific – has made the task of doing minutes a simple task and easier to take minutes.

Denise Jesnoewski, Mental Health



Surprisingly relevant.

Sue Mulcahy, Education Department of WA
Stimulating, innovative & fast moving & productive.

Susan Sutherland, Fisheries WA
Stimulating, informative and a refreshing approach to a seminar.

Patricia Hudgell, Dept of Minerals and Energy
Some really good ideas

Joan Coutts, Nurses Board

Some helpful hints.  Will be trying out & hope I whave great success

Sandra Pflugmacher, Fremantle Port Authority

So simple, but will cut my work load down considerably

Kaye Cridland,
Session was interesting, innovation and meaningful.  Presentation was very good

Linda Blood, Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia

Satisfied all my requirements and was direct. Was quite motivating.

Frank Collins, ECU
Reaffirmed all the things that I thought I should be doing.

Danielle Gallegos, Services NMHS
Quite different to what I had expected and I was very impressed with how easy it can be with preparation.

Dorothy Sanfilippo, Workcover WA

Pretty Good.

Shirley Krone, ATSIC
Presentation was excellent and very informative.  I hope I can implement changes.

Gaye Manolas, Catholic Institute of WA
Precise and very focused.

Sheila Dunbar, Public Sector Management Office



Packed full of practical and useful information, but delivered in a fun and interesting way.

Kathy Ride, Perth Division of General Practice

Opened my eyes on how to get the committee of the fan club running smoother and not loose time.

Sharon Dorman, Fire and Rescue Service
One of the better courses that I have attended.

Laurie Campbell, WA Fire and Rescue Service
One of the best courses I’ve ever attended.  David is a brillian speaker who delivers himself and his subject superbly

Sharon Rosevear, Burswood International Resort Casino
My 5 outcomes (desired) were well and truly achieved. Thanks David

Katherine Matthews, ECU
Most informative, interesting and entertaining – an asset in the workplace

Jennifer Brooks, Fremantle Hospital

Most enlightening and has definitely taken the stress out of minute taking. Cant wait to put this session into practice.

Kaye Pozzi, ECU
Most beneficial to someone who hates meeting minute taking.

Kevin Johns,
Minute Taking Made Easy.  Very informative, entertaining

Lyn McNamara, Fremantle Hospital

Lots of new ideas that I am looking forward to putting into practice.

Leonie Corbill, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
Lots of helpful ideas, great templates

Anne Martin, National Native Title Tribunal
Lively, useful, good tips

Cathy Bennett, Ministry of Fair Trading
Lively, to the point, action based, informative, new ideas. Thanks

Lynette Rea,



Light hearted, informative and well paced seminar.

Sue Caporm, North Metropolitan Health Service
Lecturer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and consequently I went home much more confident in minute taking

Lilla Kilmurray, WA Alcohol and Drug Authority

Learnt an easy way to take minutes.

Michelle Macleod, WA Department of Training
Last bit the best.  Will be doing it.

Lucien Lagrange, Rockingham Hospital

I’ve seen my boss in his true light!  I feel more confident/assertive – thank you

Sandra Stewart, Ministry of Premier & Cabinet Capital City Develop

It was well structurued in an interesting and informative format.

Jean Brien, CAMS
It was very informative. Very entertaining. I left looking forward to my next minute taking. Thank you David.

Sharon Wilson, ECU
It was informative and gave an overall productivity gain if put into practise

Glenda Gardiner, WAPS
It was great, feel confident. Will use the skills learnt

Krisma May, Aboriginal Housing
It was good fund and very informative.

Pamela Boag, Water Authority of WA
It was extremely practical, easily applicable to my work.  Vary user friendly and well explained.

Carmen Jones, Catholic Eduction Office
It was excellent – why no-one has not thought of these ideas sooner – I don’t know.  Brilliant – much better than anticipated

Jackie Berry, South East Metropolitan College of TAFE

It was brilliant.  Very interesting   amusing and a source of information.  This course makes you instantly feel assertive   confident and gives you a positive direction.

Elaine Cunnington, National Native Title Tribunal



It has been extremely interesting and find that ti could be an excellent tool in key work.

Edna Riddell, Education Department of WA
Interesting, useful, fun, confidence builder – am glad I came – will walk into my next meeting prepared!

Nuccia Merlo, National Native Title Tribunal
Interesting programme.  Has brought out some very good points.

Astrid Ferrari, Fire and Rescue Service of WA
Interesting but possibly a bit brief in the area of information selection and recommendation formation

Mitch Howard-Bath, City of Stirling

Interesting and very informative – this will change the way I do my minutes

Corrine Anquetil, City of Gosnells

Interesting and innovative session on a potentially boring subject

Dawn Paccagnella, Office of Women’s Interest
Interactive – Goog. Notes – clear. The forms in notes may be useful. I liked the no-nonsense approach

Victor Clayton, Ministry of Justice

Dianne Milne, Fisheries WA
Innovative technique for managing agenda minute nightmares.

Angela Boland, Water & Rivers Commission
Informative.  Would have sunk in more by actually working through the example form and filling it in myself instead of having it already completed.  Very entertaining presentation.

Kerry Oaley, TAFE International WA
Informative.  Possibly controversial.  Culture shock (oldies like me).  Take a little getting used to.

Doris Remse, Mental Health Division
Informative.  Interesting.  Thought provoking.

Christine Williams, PMH
Informative, relaxed atmosphere, knowledgeable presenter

Shirley Winstanley, CSIRO Exploration and mining



Informative, Precipitate, full of action

Zenebrio Nicoletti, North Mnetropolitan Health Service

Informative, New format, will save me considerable time and effort – extremely efficient

Julie Hawkes, Family and Children Services
Informative, moved along at a good pace, I look forward to putting it into practice

Lyn Hosking, Arnotts Biscuits Ltd
Informative, interesting and excellent!

Nadia Gardner, Edith Cowan University
Informative, entertaining.  Inspired to try new format and control meeting more

Rosemary Kerr, St John of God Health Care

Informative, entertaining, helpful, enjoyable.  Even though I’ve been taking minutes for sometime, there is a lot of information I didn’t know or had forgotten.

Julie Trevena, Water Authority of WA
Informative, easily understood.

Gillian Spink, Health Insurance Commission
Informative, concise & friendly.

Mariette Wiltshire-Butler, Health Dept
Informative, but still not sure about what information I should be obtaining

Susanne Blakely, Law Reform Commission
Informative and useful. Feasible to put into practise

Kathleen Oldfield, Gold Corporation
Informative and skill enhancing.

Gaye Healy, WAFBB
Informative and interesting.  The mind boggles for future meetings. Many Thanks.

Colleen Lark, OPH
Informative and interesting

Simonetta Ship, Min. of Justice



Informative and fun, very relaxed learning method. Will change the way I do agendas and minutes and remove that stress from my life

Brenda Mitchell, Public Sector Development (WA)
Informative and focused.

Agnes Staples, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children

Informative and enjoyable.

Carolyn Twyman, Valuer Generals Office
Informative and confidence building.  Could alter an organisation’s perception of meetings and lack of enthusiasm.

Debbie Maclennan, Legal Aid WA

Informative – encouraging and fun.

Lynn Fuller, Glen Forrest Medical Centre
Informative   relaxed atmosphere   knowledgeable presenter

Shirley Winstanley, CSIRO Exploration and mining
Information will be very useful & gives details on how to extend into new ways of doing things

Vickie Falcetta, ECU Student Housing
Information laden action focused fun session.  Transformational.

Beard Ann, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
I’m now looking forward to doing the agenda & minutes and creating a much more efficient & productive meeting – it’s quite exciting.

Louise Way, KEMH
I’m impressed!

Samantha Brooks, Chipper and Sons
If you want to put it all together with more impact, it was given structure to my thoughts.

Terry Popham, Wanneroo Council
Identified, resolved issues and problem areas.

Nola Viney, Catholic Education Officer
I would recommend this programme to anyone, as it was very enjoyable and was not boring

Noala Ryder, Noongar Land Council



I would definitely use this information in my minute taking

Lorretta Poland, Town of Kwinana

I thought todays training was very beneficial to myself and the department I work for   you made it very interesting and taught me all I wanted to know about taking minutes.

Marian Corrie, West Australian Petroleum
I thought todays program was fruitful and relevent to my work

Sandra Fleury, Ministry of Justice
I thought my minute taking was good before doing this workshop.  So did everyone else.  Now it should blow them away!!

Sheree Wheeler, Queensland Tranport

I thought I knew how to take minutes – I learnt a lot about what I leave out!.

Carole Dowd, WA Fire and Rescue Service
I thoroughly enjoyed this informative and cheerful session on ‘minute taking’.  I will use the new techniques taught today and will encourage my colleagues to do the same.  Thank you.

Wyn McCormick Winifred, North Metropolitan Health Service
I think that this course has upgraded my way of taking minutes and I am sure it will be a big benefit in the future for minute taking.

Natalie Heir, National Native Title Tribunal
I received a lot of informative information and hope to put it to use.

Pamela Key, Fire and Rescue Service
I now feel confident in taking minutes with accuracy. I appreciate all that was said!!

Sandra Bennett, The Law Society of WA
I now feel a lot more confident to take the minutes at meetings.

Christina Brown, ECU
I like the humour aspect of the program.  I think short people make up for that by being humourous.  I am short myself too.

Christina Lim, Fisheries WA
I learnt a new way of taking minutes and the course wasn’t boring.

Jeanine Konigsberg, Water & Rivers Commission
I learned a great deal from this course

Patricia Hilforoosh, Education Department



I have not been involved in taking minutes previously.  I found this session to be informative and interesting.

Frances Azzopardi, Health Dept
I have learnt to take the “challenge” and change my minutes dramatically.

Geraldine Jones, Shire of Kalamunda
I have learnt a lot about this program I now have the confidence to do minute taking and the way to save time in doing it.  Thanks.

Vesna Lukan, Government Property Office   Treasury
I have found this morning most informative and now feel confident in taking minutes, whilst introducing this new technique

Lisa Sharland, Royal Perth Hospital

I have enjoyed your course.  I feel more confident about taking minutes.

Mary Steele, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
I have a clearer idea of what is expected of me as a minute taker

Michelle Hilton, C.R.S.
I had heard of many of the principles of time management before, but at today’s workshop I learned how to implement the strategies to put it all into place – thank you.

Neil Ozanne, Swan Hills Division of General Practitioners Ltd
I found today’s course most interesting.  Minute taking should become easier with a bit of planning and preparation.

Maureen Lynch, Government Employees Superannuation Board
I found this very positive. I now know how I need to put it into practice

Carol Anne Cross, Fremantle Hospital

I found this to be extremely interesting and a wonderful step to better efficiency and organisation of minute taking.

Elizabeth Putrino, Education Department of WA
I found this course very interesting and helpful and look forward to utilising in my work place.

Roslyn Ovens, Kwinana Community Health & Development Centre
I found this course very helpful and hope I will benefit my organisation too

Donna Vyse, West Australian Petroleum Pty Limited
I found this course to be very valuable.  Minute taking is not so bad after all!

Lauris Hooper, Water Corporation
I found the seminar to be very interesting and informative. I feel more confident in my role as minute taker.

Dale Burford, Town of Bassendean

I found the programme very informative

Marilyn Matulick, Dept of Defence
I found the programe helpful and time saving.

Helen Butler, Fisheries WA
I found the program to be an eye opener and was impressed by the informal presentation.  I didn’t think minute taking could be so simple

Julia Marsh, Water Authority of WA
I found the program innovative and informative.  Fast moving and definitely though provoking as to implementation in the work place.

Lee Maxwell, WA Fire and Rescue Service of WA
I found the course very informative.  Learnt a lot.

Mike Raisborough, Ministry of Fair Trading
I found the course to be very useful and feel it would benefit all participants and chairpersons

Kim Gallagher, Ministry of Justice
I found the content very relevent and presented in a clear manner. The involvement of participants in discussions on case studies was particularly useful

Keith Holmes, Mandurah City Council
I found out Minute Taking is an easy task after all. Not stressing out as I’ve been made to believe a lot of assertiveness in the course.

Shantal Morin, Library
I found it very, very helpful in understanding more about minute taking – what I have been doing wrong and how I can improve.

Emma Lacey, Dept of Education Services
I found it very helpful & will be looking at building most if not all of what was discussed into my work.

Ton Lewis, The Centre for Business Solutions
I found it to be a relaex and interesting course.  I gained a lot of ideas that I can implement in my improvement in minute taking.

Frances Calcei, WAWA
I felt today’s session was very beneficial in my position at work.  It is definitely a new way of minute taking which is up to the ‘nineties’ standards.  Enjoyed it thank you.

Mandy Waterhouse, West Australian Petroleum



I feel more confident about my minute taking for the future.

Nikki Thomas, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
I feel I now have the skills and knowledge to achieve my goals in attending this workshop.  Meetings are essential but need to be kept in their place and I now feel able t do this.  IM energised!.  Will pass the information on.

Brenda McGibbon,
I expected it to be very boring but it was extremely entertaining, informative and interesting. Instead of dreading taking minutes I am now looking forward to it.

Susan Duvall, Curtin University

I enjoyed today’s program and its gonna make my minutes much better no more red lines through it.

Candace Ferrao, Whiteman Park, Ministry for Planning

I enjoyed the course, it was well put together and not too long

Carol Mortimer, Edith Cowan University
I enjoyed and gathered very important information to guide me through minute taking.  I feel more confident about the task.

Giselle Villar, Catholic Education Officer
I believe it will make minute taking easier, although a new process will take time to feel comfortable.  It is a good start though.

Greg Roach, Fire and Rescue Service
I am looking forward to implementing these fantastic ideas that David has discussed today.

Yolande Azzalini, Education Department of WA
I am in the process of learning about minute taking and I found this the easiest way to learn and found it fun and very entertaining at the same time 10/10.

 Myers, Queensland Transport

Highly productive – enjoyed revelations.

Jennifer Hinchliffe, Education Department of WA
Highly motivative and informative

Jan Nelson, Agricultural Western Australia

Highly informative, learning new skills to chair a meeting

Darryl Lambert, Metropolitan Cemeteries Board
Helpful and informative.

Brendan Tye, TAFE International WA



Helped someone with no secretarial experience gain confidence in organising meetings.

Elizabeth Foley, Wool Strategy Group
Have a greater understanding how to take minutes especially the techniques involved are fantastic.  “Straight to the point” and “streamlined” as it should be!

Corlin Yen, South East Metropolitan College of TAFE

Has been enjoyable and informative will incorporate several of the ideas.

Jean Hendry, Dept of Transport
Happy relaxed atmosphere.  Very informative, different approach, I feel it can be implemented without any problem

Pamela Searles, Police Department

Robyn Knight, NMHS
Great, Fast, Very helpful.

Cath Graham-Smith, NMHS
Great!  And also an enjoyable and fun day.

Barbara Rolands, PERTH Division of General practice
Great preparation session for when I start my minutes/agenadas.

Delia Rogers, Curtin University of Tech

Great new idea.  I love the concept.  Am a little dubious about the way it may be accepted by the older guard.

Theresa King, Dept of Education Services
Great information and very helpful in all minute taking situations.  Fantastic and interesting presentation.  I intend to try the suggested format.

Lyn Edmondson, Dept of Education Services
Great Ideas – can’t wait to try them out.

Sacha Stulic-Nodari, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
Great – thanks heaps.  I’ll put it all into action ASAP.

Morena Honteleone, Milne Feeds Pty Ltd
Great – got what I wanted and more; and now can do it with confidence.

Maria Allan, National Native Title Tribunal



Great   distinctly worthwhile

Spike Edwards, SASR
Good informative   plenty to think about. Time saving tips particularly useful

Gaye Gamblin, M.O.J
Good ideas – look forward to trying them out!

June Dunstan, Ganida Indonesia

Good course. It involved a lot of listening and the ideas obtained in this course, when put into practice would make me a better minute taker

Barbara Russell, Juvenile Justice Division
Good Course. I actually found a more efficient way of taking minutes which I shall use.

Emily Braneli, Australian Society of CPA’s
Good – Educational and entertaining too

Jo Nevill, West Australian Symphony Orchestra
Given me a new approach to documenting meetings I attend.

Peter Rowe, Agriculture WA

Gave me a different perspective to minute taking – so much easier

Molly Elympos, Office of the Auditor General
Gave me a better idea of what minute taking is all about.

Julie Farrell, Catholic Education Officer
Full of useful information   positive.  Exciting to think of possibilities that I could do.

Anna Marie Ebsworth, Aboriginal Housing Directorate
From the “old school” it was excellent to come up to speed on this subject

Joan Martin, Peel Health Services
Found the course very useful, interesting

Sandra Still, HBF
Found it beneficial

Pina Bianchini, Alinta Gas



Food for thought.

Terri Muir, North Metropolitan Health Service
Fast, informative & memorable

Betty Maass, Edith Cowan University
Fast moving, helpful, informative.

Judith Jones, TAFE International WA
Fast moving and very enlightening – extremely practical

Susanne Sullivan, Nth Metro Health Service
Fantastic, will actually ask to take minutes to get practice.

Natasha Schuman-Buswell, Dept. of Defence
Fantastic!  Minutes really will be much easier in future.

Kirsteen Smith, Infolink
Fantastic – gave me a good idea on where to start when taking minutes

Jennifer Court, Govt. Property Office – Premiers Cabinet
Fabulous.  It has given me lots of new ideas which I shall be able to implement.  I can ses it will save heaps of time.

Bee Sullivan, OSBORNE PARK Hospital `

Eye opinion to details of meetings.  Not just calling for agenda items   sitting n meeting and sending out meetings.  Provides a good perspective on how to minimise workload and make minute taking a job not a nightmare.

Julie Kinghan, Public Sector Management Office
Extremely workable and provides effective Time Management.

Shelley Rush, Technology & Indusry Advisory Council
Extremely valuable workshop that will make the task of minute taking easier.

Hilda Wright, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
Extremely interesting I found out a lot of helpful advice and knowledge

Samara Ellement, SBS Rural IAMA
Extremely interesting and informative

Maureen Milling, Ministry of Justice



Extremely informative – our councillors need to take this course

Judy Bolitmo, City of Gosnells

Extremely good method to make consise minutes that work.  I think this could greatly increase the efficency and effectiveness of the meeting I take the minutes at.

Barbara Sheridan, Fisheries Department
Extremely enlightening and interesting.  A whole new world.

Susan Gannicott, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
Excellent. I learnt a lot to reduce my workload and lift my “protyle” in the eyes of my customers. Ie. Those attending meetings

Virginia Brueckner, Australian Society of Certified Practising Account
Excellent.  Very informative and has given skills to effectively organise my work both personally and for the benefit of my department.

Ann Nelli, WA Conservatorium of Music (Jazz)
Excellent.  Informative and interesting.  Learnt heaps.  Thankyou.

Hamida Bhatt, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
Excellent.  I hope the chairman will decide to take the “Meetings in half the time” course, so we can work together along the same concept lines.

Tamara Gillett, Archdiocesan Finance Office
Excellent, worthwhile, informative, fun, educational.  Never attended a course in the hospital where I had so much fun and laughter

Nirmala Kanapathy, Fremantle Hospital

Excellent, valuable time saver.

Susan Appelbee, Lotteries Commission
Excellent, just what I was hoping for.  I can’t wait to use all the suggestionjs and strategies.  I forseen this as being of great benefit to me.

Patricia Natta, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
Excellent, informative.  I was totally unaware how meetings should run until today.  Very enjoyable.  Glad I came.  Will consider other workshops.

Danuta Kubinski, KEMH
Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ann Watson, Town of Kwinana

Excellent, fast moving and learnt what I expected I would when registering

Catherine Kirton, Metropolitan Cemeteries Board



Excellent, a modern insight to minute taking.

Jennifer Williams, Agriculture WA

Excellent!!  Short, shartp, concise – practical and workable tips makes minutes taking seen exciting!

Joan Munckton, Fisheries Department
Excellent!  Very informative and encouraging

Margaret Cohen, School of Community Services & Social Services

Excellent!  Mind blowing ideas on minute taking.

Peta Liadow, Agriculture WA

Excellent programme.  May helpful tips.  Speaker kept me interested.

Janet Doherty, North Metropolitan Health Service
Excellent program, realise that easy minute taking is in the preparation before hand and in using action list for every meeting

Carolyn Arbon, Cockburn Cement Ltd
Excellent program, now we have to put is in place and recommend other staff members to attend this workshop.

Elizabeth Howe, Community Health Service
Excellent presentation. Very informative. The course would be of great benefit to managers at Magistrates Courts (level 5’s and above) who feel they don’t need to attend. I will suggest it to them at the next meeting

Amanda Blight, Ministry of Justice
Excellent presentation.  Well based logical ideas.  Delivered in an easy to understand way.

Lesley Williams, WA Alcohol & Drug Authority
Excellent presentation with a good demonstration of summary of meetings and minute taking.  Very useful for my position.

Val Meier, North Metropolital Health Service

Excellent presentation providing direction to those who needed.

Debbie Bridgeford, North Metropolitan Health Service
Excellent presentation and presenter very informative.

Anne Parker, City of Cockburn Public Library

Excellent presentation – good ideas

Karin Maxwell, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services



Excellent presentation – An new perspective on working with people and meetings

Jesse Watt, Silver Chain
Excellent information.  This will help a great deal in my new position

Angela Harris, Education Department of WA
Excellent in all respects.  Extremely valuable for secretaries.  Holds your attention, easy to understand.

Robyn Leach, Osborne Park Hospital

Excellent course. Very clear and concise.

Rosemary Quinn, Spinal Unit, RPH
Excellent course with great short cut hints for minute taking

Elizabeth Bartuccio, Local Government Advisory Board
Excellent and very educational, makes hours of work seem simple and within reach, while not wasting time on non-relevant items

Stephanie Williams, Noongar Land Council

Excellent and informative – fast paced and interesting.  Will save time and improve efficiency and record keeping

Helen McPherson, Fire and Rescue Service
Excellent and helpful information on bow to take minutes quicker   easier and better in a ‘fun’ way.

Alison Poole, Frenatle Hospital

Excellent – very clear, logical and it will hopefully revolutionise our organisation!

Lorna Hurst,
Excellent – learned everything I needed to know about taking minutes

Fiona Chitty, Burswood Resort Casino
Excellent – learned everything I needed to know about taking minutes

Fiona Chitty,
Excellent – direction and format at last. They won’t know what hit ’em the next meeting I take minutes at!

Nicole Laing, Burswood Resort Casino
Excellent – direction and format at last. They won’t know what hit ’em the next meeting I take minutes at!

Nicole Laing,



Excellent – definitely showed me a new process to manage agendas and minute taking

Kim Tolhurst, Anglicare
Excellent – a clear and motivating session that highlights opportunities for efficiency   effectiveness and increasing self esteem.

Catherine Campbell, Fisheries Dept of WA
Excellent   just what I was hoping for.  I can’t wait to use all the suggestionjs and strategies.  I forseen this as being of great benefit to me.

Patricia Natta, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

Sharon Johns, Town of Kwinana

Essential to be remembered as I am the Manager of the Information of the Meetings all PA’s should attend.

Gail Shaw, TAFE International WA
Entertaining as well as informative

Margaret Milewicz, Health Dept of WA
Entertaining – kept up interest level informative.

Jane Lego, PERTH   South East Division of General Practice

Enlightening, more information and ideas for my minute taking.

Patricia Grafton, Catholic Education Officer
Enlightening about the role of minute taker and educational.

Lloyd Bailey, FRS of WA
Enjoyable, informative/educational

Lindi Chalmer, Agriculture WA

Efficient new method of minute taking

Bernadette Ricciardi, Worklover WA

Easy to understand with  very interesting ideas

Rosalind Beatty, City of Canning

Easy to follow, very informative, interesting

Mitzi Page, Robin J Page & Associates Pty Ltd.



Dorothy McGinley, West Aust Assoc of Masseurs

David is very professional and makes the course interesting.  I am sure my minute taking life will be made so much easier with his excellent advise.

Julie Ward, Fire and Rescue Service
David has convinced me I can do a job I did not feel confident enough to do.

Robin McKimmie, West Aust Assoc of Masseurs

Course interesting and informative   now I have to put into practice and educate all attendees.

Sue Payne,
Could be made more intense with more emphasis on speech making.

Patrick Healy, Healys Store Pty Ltd
Confirmed a lot of what I already do   but has given me motivation to actually go ahead and overcome bad habits.

Suzanne Thompson, State Advisory Panel
Conducted well

David Knight, Crossacom
Commonsense useful tools for use at meetings

Sharon – lee Holland, Ministry of Justice
Can appreciate all suggestions made but at this stage am unsure about how to implement them.

Tania Bourne, ERG Limited
Brilliant – a most informative and stimulating course.

Susan Dawson, KEMH
An informative and constructive half day course which will be invaluable in my position.

Carl Zwartkruis, Outokumpa Mining Australia Pty Ltd
An informative   enjoyable training program that will be very easy to apply to the committees I belong to.

Debra Maycock, Catholic Education Officer
An excellent practical course for those who wish to learn presentation skills.  Would be of benefit to all persons within State Taxation Department

Murray Hancock, State Taxation Dept   Central Government Buildings



Absolutely love it.  Can’t wait to enrol in my next course.

Rachel Hattaway, HRIS Statewide Consulting
Absolutely fantastic!  I learnt more today on minute taking and effective meetings that I have in 9 years of chairing and minute taking of meetings.

Natalie Rule, North Metropolitan Health Service
Absolutely fantastic – informative, motivating.

Francine Grayson, KEMH
Absolutely brilliant – most informative.

Viviane Boylan, King Edward Hospital

A very useful/helpful means of “managing the information” as opposed to being just the “minute taker”, thank you

Susan Meers, Hartley Poynton Ltd
A very practical, useful workshop that will make life much easier.

Sue Burgmann, Alcohol and Drug Info Service
A very informative & useful course.

Cathy Bryant, Dept of Minerals & Energy
A very enjoyable course

Pamela Burgess, Ministry of Justice
A totally inspirational, educational session.  Highly recommended.

Megan Bargeus, NMHS c/- Osborne Park Hospital

A revolutionary change from the present minute taking that I do, but definitely a BETTER ONE!!

Judith D’Costa, SEMC TAFE – Bentley Campus
A really good course, very interesting and informative.

Yevonne Cherry, Disease Control, Health Department
A most informative seminar.  Thankyou.

Jenny Green, Rockingham Kwinana Health Service
A fun ‘informal’!! Session.  Very relevant to my position

Sonia Packham, Edith Cowan University



A fun and informative session on minute taking, which will undoubtably be very useful.

Erin Livingston, HBF of WA (inc)
A completely new concept of minute taking.

Gaye Purslowe, Marrena Purslower and Associates
Certainly needs a mindset change, interesting workshop – well conducted.

Heather Barr, Attorney General’s Department, SA

Dianne Brock, ATSIC
Excellent course – very informative and valuable

Margaret Frensham, National Environment Protection Council
Excellent very useful ideas, good to cut through the myths about minute taking

Sue Smith, Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Excellent, fun learning, how to action – improve our meetings.

Leata Clarke, ATSIC
Excellent, highly recommended

Lidija Shuman, Environment Protection Agency
Extremely worthwhile.  Very motivational/enthusiastic.  I could have sat and listened to you all day.  Didn’t bore me to death or put me to sleep

Joanne Schulz, Transport SA
Eye Opening! Breath of fresh air – makes minutes sound useful

Lana Kohnson, Aboriginal Housing Policy Unit
Fantastic, heaps of useful information.  I know I will be able to take more accurate and efficient minutes now.

Kim Laurie,
Found the program to be informative and enlightening.  Venue was not very conducive.

Kirsty Hay, Dept Transport, the Arts, Urban Planning
Full of good, common sense information about minute taking and preparing meetings

Betty Clark, Liquor Licensing



Full of information and interaction, and did not lose sight of what the group wanted to achieve.

Kyla Meechan, DAIS
Fun, empowering, informative

Sharon Matthews, Department Premier & Cabinet
Great benefit, effective mode of operation in a logical manner

Rosemary Hutter, Health Partners
I found the program very interesting and will adopt today’s strategies and ideas to assist with my workload and time efficiency

Annette Hull, South Australian Government Financing Authority
I found the session very interesting.  The humour broke up the seriousness of it all and made it fun.  Very good!

Carleen Marr, ATSIC
I found this meeting to be fun and full of great information to help me with minute taking.

Rachel Sanderson, AITAFE
I thought it was very informative and has given me a lot of useful ideas.

Sharyn Beverley, Real Estate Management
I thought the session was very informative I have learnt some practical examples which I will be able to use in the workplace

Janice Roberts, Adelaide Institute of TAFE
Interesting, interactive, informative. Good speaker, kept attention of group. Provided backup book and optional resources. Definitely one of the most lively courses I have attended.

Pat Rowe, Office of Consumer and Business Affairs
It’s going to be a real challenge to change people’s mindsets and be more assertive – but I don’t think there’ll be a problem highlighting the benefits.

Lyn Morris, Department Education, Training & Employment
Lots of great ideas.  Ive been out of the workforce for a while and things have changed, for the better

Diane Evans, ITSA
Lots of tips for streamlining minutes taking. Minute taking won’t seem so daunting now.

Stephen Hunt, Attorney Generals Dept
Now I won’t have to write a book! And hopefully save a few trees.

Donna Crivellaro, Department of Transport



One of the best practical courses I have ever attended.

Moira Djukanovic, Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia

Really enjoyed the course.  The trainer made the course very interesting and I definitely learnt how to make minute taking easier

Linda Botting,
Should make my minute life easier, quicker less stressful

Michael Taylor, ATSIC
Thank you very much, it was a great help.

Joanne Marie Kuschel, ITSA Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia

This session has rid me of my fears of minute taking.  I can’t wait to organise TransADELAIDE’s meeting at mile End.

Lisa Keller, Environmental Protection agency
Today was an excellent learning experience and I have learnt a lot and enjoyed the atmosphere

Elsa Hedger, TransADELAIDE
Useful, concise information presented in all entertaining manner – will make a big difference to my effectiveness in minute taking

Kaye Butler, Attorney Gen. Dep. – Liquor Licensing
Very enjoyable, easily understood and David’s humour made it fun.

Kim Ross, Australian Taxation Consultant
Very enjoyable, informative and useful.

Leonie Brown, Work Cover Corporation
Very fun and interesting, new style, great concept for cutting down time and stress, making minute taking a pleasure.  Need time to set up which will be a priority

Kate Tonkin, Dept for Environment and Heritage
Very informative   great new ideas   confidence to try new format   relaxed presentation   one of the best w/shops I have attended

Lyn Wood, Justice Technology Services
Very informative and helpful.

Kate Jenkins, ATSIC
Very informative, eye opening.  Has or I hope will stop me from copying others bad ideas!

Libby Eatts, Office of Consumer and Business Affairs



Very informative, learnt a great deal that will enable the meetings to run on a less time frame

Ann Matthews, DFAT
Very informative.  Information concise and well presented

Sandra McCue, Attorney Generals Dept
Very Practical. Excellent. Will definitely sell to the boss.

Terraise Hicks, District Council of Yorke Peninsula

Very professional and informative.  Great ideas especially the database for references an minutes.  I would definitely recommend this course.

Tracey Fitzgerald, ATSIC – Ceduna
Very useful and entertaining

Jeanette Noble, ATSIC
Very useful for a beginner in minute taking. Very helpful!

Rebecca Collins, NEPC Service Corporation
Wasn’t’ boring, very helpful and useful, definitely will be implementing certain things

Anne Oprean, Coca Cola Amatil
Great tips on how to make meetings run more smoothly.

Janetta Velkovski, Dept of Immigration
A great source of information – very inspirational

Sally Glazbrook, District Council Yorke Peninsular
Agenda very important to ensure meeting is run smoothly and to a time frame.

Sharyn Faulkner, ITSA Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia


Robyn McDonald, DETE

Norma Sciberras, SA Country Fire Service
Excellent session, Many excellent new concepts on the topic presented.  David is an excellent presenter

Petina Pitt-Lancaster, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission



Fantastic, innovating, a breath of fresh air

Skye Launer, District Council of Yorke Peninsula

Practical helpful suggestions that I can put into practice.  I would have preferred less time spent on the “Make a Wish” example which though initially intersting became too specific to their needs.  Group interatction good,

Sue Macfarlane, DSTO, Department of Defence
Very useful information – particularly the templates.

Tracy Montgomery, Comsuper
Very progressive, new age, eases task of producing gramatically correct sentences.

Judy Chaffey, Australian Trucking Association
Very interesting – new ways of doing minutes. Would have been nice to have biscuits for morning tea!

Freda Ford, Attorney Generals Dept
Very informative in relation to methods. Can now see why my shorthand skills are not necessary.

Judy Gibson, Comsuper
Very informative and thought provoking. Food for though and action.

Sylvia Mackellar, Australian Institute of Criminology
Very helpful although a little bit rushed.

Joanna Kopilow, Diabetes Australia

Time will tell – I found the course useful.

Louise Arndt, Comsuper
The ideas presented were wildly beyond what I could have envisaged. They  re so forward thinking. I will try to implement them, but not sure how they will be received. It would certainly cut to the point.

Wendy Waggitt, CSIRO – Wildlife and Ecology
The course shows how time has changed! Minutes are no longer a report of the transactions of a meeting, but the decisions made. This certainly makes minute taking quick and easy!!

Jen W-M Lynch, Institution of Engineers Australia

Thanks the tables look good. I”ll give them a try.

Debbie O’Donaghue, Family and Community Services
Plan to implement straight away!

Coralee Flood,



Interesting, succinct and motivating.

Jo Ebsary, RAAF
Informative, interesting, dynamic, going back to change 14 page minutes to 4. Thanks.

Michelle Coppin, Royal Australian Institute of Architects
I felt the program was a bit “showy” –  more entertainment than a course. Besides that, I did learn a number of useful hints and now understant the role of the minute taker much better.

Maree Colbran, Child Support Agency
Great. The information was well presented and easy to understand.

Annette Shaw, Australian Early Childhood Association
Great – energetic and informative.

Frances Wilson, Dept of the House of Representatives
Excellent, enthusiastic and informative presentation. Very worthwhile, would recommend to others. The templates look great – will definitely try this method – and train my chairman.

Elaine Wise, Australian Communications Authority
Excellent presentation and very informative. This method should make my job a lot easier. I already use a column based template but with some modifications it will also look and be more professional.

Judy Walsh, Environment Australia

Excellent Presentation – clear and quick

Simone Brotherton, ATSIC
David has great ideas that he communicates effectively, humorously and without losing one member of his audience.

Glen Garephillips, Cabinet Secretariat
Challenging my comfortable minute-taking! Maybe time to learn a new way.

Gill Robinson, Royal Australian Institutue of Architects
A thoroughly helpful and enjoyable course.  Well worth participating by members of the Board/meeting participants to make your organisation efficient.

Diane Orton, East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Amusing, efective, practical. This stuff is immediately applicable and will have great effect in my organisation.

Duncan Esler, Geelong Performing Arts Centre

An exciting new approach to a difficult task.

Elna Manning, Victorian Auditor-General’s Office



Constructive, Practical and will assist us to make goog effective decisions.

Les Rourke, Woolstock Australia Limited
Enjoyable, understanding and comprehensive.  Confidence building

Sandra De Fazio, Broadmeadows Health Service
Excellent  – Very worth while morning. Thank you.

Jo-Anne Montgomery, Oracle Corporation
Excellent – Minute Taking made so much easier after understanding the proper procedures.

Mary Secoulidis, Attorney-Generals
Excellent – Very comprehensive.

Trish Kilpatrick, Department of Human Resources
Excellent program.

Valerie Youngson, Marine Board of Victoria

Excellent theory that I can put into practice that will not only assist me but also my Organisation

Claire Walsh, South East Water
Excellent.  I feel my stress levels reducing.  Should make work much easier to manage.

Emily Duizend, Childrens Welfare Association of Victoria

Excellent.  Simple and practical and effective.

Roz Johnston, Woolstock Australia Limited
Excellent.  We are in the process of formalising and standardising minutes and agendas across the organisation.  This is excellent

Athalie Mason, Orbost Regional Health
Excellent. Content was great. Seemed a bit rushed at the end. Perhaps need to spend more time explaining the forms/templates.

Wendy Bartlett, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre

Fantastic – A wonderful time saver.

Gillian Puddy, CSIRO
Fantastic and very relovlutionary.  I will be trying to implement this at my own work.

John Burgess, Australian Physiotherapy Association



Good to learn most up-to-date and efficient methods.  Most interestingly presented.

Tine Kingdon, The Alfred
Great program.  Will make my minute taking easier and stop waffling in the meeting.

Pauline Reid, Department Natural Resources and Environment
Helpful with some new ideas whih can’t wait to try.

Kerryn O’Keeffe, Department of Natural Resources and Environment
I found it quite enriching – giving the new technology already existing.

Marlene Bouquet, Building Control Commission
I found the presentation incredibly informative.  Lots of tools to make life easier at work,

Helen Jones, East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

I learnt a great deal and am certain I will save a lot of time in the future.

Yvette Armstrong,
I thoroughly enjoyed and got a lot out of this meeting.  David was very easy to relate to and understand.

Samantha Hunter, Tauers Perrin
I thoroughly enjoyed todays session.  I learnt more than whit I thought I would.  Great tips – Loved the fruit tingler

Rebecca Feasey, CSIRO
Informative and entertaining.  A rare marriage.

Penny Bassett-Smith, Building Appeals Board
Informative, revolutionary, breaking new ground and I can do it!

Annette Taylor, Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Innovative, informative, fast moving, enlightening.  Wouldn’t dot points be better – you may not read a block text.

Barbara Stanley, Medical Practitioners Board
It didn’t give me a love for minutes, BUT I did get excited.

Wendy Dowsey, Department of Human Resources

It was a real eye-opener which dispelled much fear about being a minute-taker.
Terry Lamaletie-Michel, Institute of Teaching Project Team



Left with more confidance that I will be more prepared and able to be more assertive when next required to take minutes.
Joan Auld, Country Fire Authority
Lots of interesting, innovative info. Back-up by phone etc welcome. Enthusiastic and energetic presenter
Pauline Byron, Flour Millers Council
Made me feel a lot more confident.
Heather Forster, Forestry & Forest Products
Most informative.  I intend using this program in my organisation.
Robert Hallas, Rolen Bell Pty Ltd
Provided excellent ideas on new initiatives and confirmation of good practice already in place.
Matthew Grazia, CFA
Quick – clear and enjoyable.
Sue Haxby, Wimmera Mallee Water
Thank you. I know this will be very useful.
Marlene Tholen, East Gippsland Catchment Mangement Authority
The program was of benefit as it formulates an efficient and effective meeting which is a result of the agenda and minutes structure.  Great
Snezana Trkulja, Building Control Commission
Thought provoking. Will be very useful.
Lynda Youngs, East Gippsland Catchment Mangement Authority
Todays session was extremely informative entertaining and valuable.  I look forward to implementing the ideas I have gained.
Kate Blaak, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Very clear, productive model.  Lots of good ideas.  I am currently taking minutes for meetings that are not decision based, would have liked more tips for this.
Catherine Doherty, Maribyrnong City Council
Very enlightening.
Jacqualine Xavier, CSIRO
Very good.  I like your pace.  Good examples, etc.  I am interested in your Time Management.
Alicia Wilde, Optometrists Association Australia



Very good. I feel it is an exciting improvement and I am looking forward to implementing this method.
Josie Fay, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority
Very informative and easy to understand.  Able to use in my job.
Pam Powell, Department of Human Resources
Very informative and engaging.
Felicity Fox, North East Water
Very informative and entertaining.  Should be a fabulous time saver.
Sheree Pettman, Gippsland Coastal Board
Very informative and great practical advise you can really use and not a waste of time.
Deborah Fudge, Department of Justice
Very informative and one wants to hear more!
Madelein Midon, Council of Adult Education
Very informative and up-to-date.  Very well presented.
Bianca Moore, The Alfred
Very informative, concise and positive.
Lyndon Tennant, Building Practitioners Board
Very Informative, much easier to get the main detail from a meting in half the time.  Excellent.  Well recommended.
Laile Strong, CSIRO
Very innovative and useful.
Beryn Adams, Orica
Very innovative approach to taking minutes that will assist efficiency levels for all parties at meetings.
Liz Renga, MSAS Global Logistics
Very interesting and challenging. Learnt a lot of new ways of doing tings that had never before been thought of. Has encouraged me to try to make changes in my organisation.
Brooke White, Dept of Justice
Very interesting and informative.  I intend to implement some changes immediately.  I’ll need to send my boss along next time,
Jennifer Long, The Alfred



Very interesting concept in the format of minutes. The work will now be in relating it to our organisations.
Andrew Lee, Floor Millers Council of Australia
Very polished speaker.
Giulio Cortopassi, Building Appeals Board
Very refreshing approach to an ‘old age’ task that I will certainly try.
Lexie Grady, North East Water
Absolutely well worthwhile attending and recommending to others.
Melanie Cornish, Australian Federation Police
Brilliant.  Found out what is up to date and what other problems others experience.  Hopefully will give me more time to do other duties and undestand what the meeting is about.
Kyle Sparkes, Wentworth Area Health Service
Can’t wait to shock the pants of my committee members.  This technique will save me loads of time.
Tracey McVea, NSW Fisheries
Concise and informative and extremely enlightening.
Roberto Hardy, SBS Corporation
Entertaining and rather humorous.  Thoroughly enjoyed the program and foundit very useful in excercising the recommended processes and methods.
Helen Giovas, NSW Rural Fire Service
Entertaining, concise and refeshing content.  Brought minute taking into the new milleneum.
Mika Malkki, NSW Fisheries
Excellent – very informative and stright forward.
Mark Arrow, Dept. Land & Water Conservation
Excellent model for saving time.
Sue Edmonds, Western Sydney Institute of TAFE
Excellent presentation – great information – really keen to put into practice – great presenter and really interesting speaker.
Marjorie Goward, TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute of TAFE
Extremely beneficial.  I will definitely use the tools provided.  It will make a mundane task far more enjoyable.
Kathryn Crump, TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute of TAFE



Found it very informative with several new ideas.
Nadia Predan, Premier’s Department (NSW)
Great Course.  Useful tips to save time.
Melissa Rushton, American Airlines
I can see this program becoming an invaluable database.
Karen Campbell, Disability Council of NSW
I didn’t realise how quick and easy minute taking could be.  Thanks for brining me up to date.
Clare Wood, Commonwealth Ombudsman
I found the ideas presented very innovative.
Lynn Bennett, Public Trustee
I have learnt so much this morning and feel my confidence level was actively increased.  I believe that minute taking is going to be easier for me now.
Careeme Spain, South East Health
Informative.  Good to have discussions on this topic.
Steve Toms, National Park and Wildlife Service
It was excellent.  It wasn’t boring and I feel I now can do my minutes better.
Nickie Paras, Q Stores
Most informative.
Jennifer Gilchrist, NSW Chamber of Fruit Vegetable Industries Inc.
Revolutionary.  Idon’t know how much I can get away with, but there certainly are changes to be implemented in the way I currently take minutes.
Craig Watson, NSW Fisheries
Some useful tips.  Proformas in booklet will save time.
Andrina Hayes, NSW Fire Brigade
Thank you for making the talk so easy to understand.  I look forward to the challenge of future minute taking.
Kathleen Forbes, Mental Health Co-ordinating  Council
The course was very informative.  Hope to use the model in the future.
Elsa Reddan, Department of Health



The presentation was fast moving.
Sian Malyn, Safe Food NSW
The red-headed turkey really knows his stuff.  What an experience!  The simple ideas are obviously the best ones.
Sally McLean, Australian Federation Police
This course was inspiring and full of information.  It will help me create more quick and effective minutes.
Vanessa Hammond, Q Stores
Todays program was great.  I really learnt a lot.  Very informative and fun.  A lot of things I would never have thought of.
Tina Lawson, Q Stores
Very enjoyable and informative.  David was very dynamic.
Donna Thompson, TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute of TAFE
Very enjoyable.
Kathleen Hull, Westworks
Very good.
Marina Alvarengie, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Very Good.  Detailed and interesting.
Jack Hannan, NSW Fisheries
Very helpful tools.
Kerrie-Ann Latham, Australian Engineering Supplies Pty td
Very informative and clear to understand.  Makes minute taking easier to do and understand.
Margaret Riakos, NSW Health
Very informative and practical seminar.
Rosemary Hides, Medical Industry Association of Australia
Very interesting – good tips.
Sandra Holt, ANSTO
Very interesting, informative and will certainly make life easier for taking minutes.  Also given me confidence now for attending meetings.
Karen Williamson, S.B.S.



Very logical approach to subject.
Pat Tully, NSW Fisheries
Very practical.  Hands on and relevant tangible strategies
Deidre Williams, O.D.P.P.
Very useful.  I can see enormous benefits both for work and for community organisations with which I’m associated .  Love the reference numbering system.
Pam Duavis, Medical Industry Assn of Australia
Alison Martin, NSW Rural Fire Service
Very useful and extremely relevant to my position.
Terri Hall, QFRA
Very interesting – simple stuff that I wish I had thought of it.
Tim Connolly, QLD Fire and Rescue Authority
Very informative. I have gained very useful information which will assist me greatly in my day to day work.
Angela Smith, QLD Fire and Rescue Authority
Thoroughly enjoyable – new stule – looks easier and more logical. Thank you!
Sarah Rooke, QFRA
I thought it was great value, it was very interesting and held our attention.
Margaret Walker, Rural Fire Service
Exellent and Very Useful.
Cheryl D’Silva, QFRA
Peter Twomey, QLD Fire and Rescue Authority
Where has this method been all my life?
Diane Tizard, AEC



Well explained, informative and new ideas.
Cheryl Henry, Royal Perth Hospital
Very well run, very informative, well presented and fun!
Leanne Rudd,
Very well presented.
Bev Ross, Edith Cowan University
Very Useful, practical and interesting.
Peta Lithgo, Royal Perth Hospital
Very useful and informative.
Leanne Johnston, Edith Cowan University
Very relaxed and easy to follow. Good hints and tips.
Crisula Palasia, Royal PerthHospital
Very interesting, rewarding and leaving with knowledge and confidence
Patricia Liddell, Royal Perth Hospital
Very interesting and helpful.  It did not seem like 3 hours.
Lynnette Baker, Royal Perth Hospital
Very interesting and helpful.
Margaret Leaver, Royal PerthHospital
Very interesting and all the information was very useful.
Geraldine D’Souza, Royal Perth Hospital – Corporate Nursing
Very interesting and a different outlook on the role as a minute taker.
Joanne Jolob, Royal Perth Hospital
Very interesting – fun and easy to understand – very well explained.
Esther Gabriel, Royal Perth Hosptial/ WSC
Very insightful and really opened my eyes  (and way of thinking) to what was so obvious.
Calinda Borowiec, Royal Perth Hospital



Very informative. David you kept my interest!
Jacqueline Bradbury, Royal Perth Hospital
Very informative.  This is going to help me heaps.
Debra Rowcroft, ECU
Very informative, not boring, great learning skills.
Veronica Male, Edith Cowan University  –  School of Management
Very informative, kept light and interesting.
Jennifer Blandford, Royal Perth Hospital
Very informative, interesting and fun.
Carolyn Freele, ECU
Very informative and will save heaps of fun.
Sylvia Horner, ECU
Very informative and well presented. Minute taking made more enjoyable.
Maureen Winton, Edith Cowan University
Very informative and valuable. Concise, examples sheets are ideal.
Susan McConnell, Royal Perth Hospital
Very informative and useful tool to have new format for agenda and minutes.
Antoinette Allison, Royal Perth Hospital – Neurology
Very informative and interesting.
Christine Cameron, Edith Cowan University
Very informative and I learnt a lot.
Tracey George, ECU
Very informative and I actually look forward to taking minutes instead of dreading it.
Claire Minuta, Royal Perth Hospital
Very informative and helpful. I am sure this will help me to feel more confident in minute taking in the future.
Sharon Hoit, Royal Perth Hospital



Very informative and helpful.
Linda Collins, Royal PerthHospital
Very informative – thank you
Sandra Giangiulio, ECU
Very informative – intersting and presented clearly and with humour. Taking charge and adding valuable assistance to all concerned with the database info and organisation – excellent.
Janet Byers, Clinical Services – RPH
Very informative
Marmah Morshid, ECU
Very helpful. Will pay more attention and detail to agenda.
Ann J Watson, Royal Perth Hospital
Very Helpful.
Trudi Dullard, Royal Perth Hospital
Very helpful, brought me up to date to the modern way of minute taking.
Cheryl Hydzik, Royal Perth Hospital
Very good and interesting.  Going to change the minutes from today.
Shela Kolandasamy, Inner City Mental Health Service
Liz Drouet, ECU
Thoroughly enjoyable.  Informative.  Makes taking minutes a great deal easier and more enjoyable.
Marjorie Semple, Royal Perth Hospital
This was a very helpful course and has helped me become more informed on taking minutes.
Aslissa Monk, Business Information, Royal Perth Hospital
This method will save me so much more time.  Thank you.
Michele Mitchell, ECU
This course was very informative and enjoyable.
Margaret Fathers, Royal Perth Hospital



The rest of the organisation need to attend. A very useful tool.
Rhonda Barry, AEC
The database format is absolutely brilliant.  Much time saved and content by far more accurate.
Neisha Rodier, ECU

Terrific program. Extremely informative. Must do for all minute takers. Highly recommended.
Patricial Sneddon, Royal Perth Hospital
Really positive suggestions.  I found this extremely useful to set about minute taking in a busy environment.
Marion Power, ECU
Practical advice that is easy to put into practice.
Marina Malorgio, Edith Cowan University
Ppsotove suggesttions.  Although as I have never taken minutes before, I feel a bit confused with the format procedure.  I have learnt some point from this course.
Louise Gregor, ECU
Out with the old.  In with the new.  Very interesting.
Deidre Cole, ECU
Opens up a whole new way to take minutes.
Poh-Kin Loy, ECU
Opened up a whole new perspective for me, to enable more efficient minute taking to take place
Mairead O’Shea, ECU
Met all of my expectations plus some.
Corey Pouloudis, Royal Perth Hospital
It was very easy to understand.  Very Informative.
Elaine Belcher, Royal Perth Hospital
It was interesting and presented a number of innovations which could be useful in our work.
Rob Brown, ECU
It was greatly informative and interesting and gave me a whole new perspective on minute taking.
Suzanne Florian, ECU – Faculty of Communications, Health, and Science.



It was great.
Nirja Bhattarai, ECU
It was good, very informative.
Leanne Goodsell, Edith Cowan University
It was first class – really dynamic.  Great tips – first class leader.
Judith Tyler, ECU
It was brilliant.  Ididn’t realise there was so much involved in minute taking and so many things that could make it easier for me.
Kathryn Stone, Royal Perth Hospital
It makes minute taking less stressful. It will make me more relaxed and productive.
Valza Thomas, Transcultural Psychiatry Unit
Intereting and informative.
Joanne Brenton, ECU
Interesting, informative, fun and well presented.
Jenny Morrissey, AEC
Interesting and useful ideas.
John Soh, Royal Perth Hospital
Inspiring. Gets you to look at minute taking in a different light and less daunting.
Olga Thompson, Royal Perth Hospital
Informative, providing some good positive suggestions for improving what is common practice at this organisation.
Mark Fitzpatrick, Edith Cowan University
Informative, excellently set out, clearly presented. Very enjoyable! Would not hesitate to go to any other course you run if interested. Thanks.
Kathy Peovitis, Royal Perth Hospital
Informative and time saving.  From what I have learnt the minutes I take will be taken and produced more promptly and precisely
Rosslyn Porritt, Royal Perth Hospital
Information given was very useful and will help in future minute taking.
Vanessa Ashby, Royal Perth Hospital



I was able to once again gain confidence with minute taking.  Agreater understanding was reached with re-affirmation.
Marlene Gibson, ECU
I totally enjoyed this program. I have learnt a lot and I am going back to be assertive and make change. I am also going to make important decisions. ‘I am more important that what people think I am!’
Priscilla Dmar, Royal Perth Hospital – Supply Services
I have found this course to be very helpful and informative and I will definitely use the ideas presented in the future.
Lisa Kelly, Royal Perth Hospital
I have enjoyed every bit of the programme. Very, very intensive. The speaker was simply excellent.
Hilda D’Souza, Royal Perth Hospital
I found this course very informative and full of good ideas.
Emily Anderton, Edith Cowan University
I found this course provided me with an excellent way to manage informatin in meetings, being more effctive and learning current expectations.
Natasha Zani, ECU
I believe this course will assist me greatly in my new job as secretary and minute taker.
Kathy Broderick, Cancer Division – RPH
Has made the subject of minute taking a littler clearer.
Helen Chalson, Health Department – Royal Perth
Great ideas to reduce time spent creating minutes.
Deborah Foreman, Royal PerthHospital
Great agenda and minute ideas.
Jim Thomas, Edith Cowan University
Found all information very useful and less time consuming.
Britt Madafferi, ECU
Felt it was useful in saving time and managing information more effectively.
Kelly Sumich, ECU
Eye opening.  Very useful and practical information presented during the session.
Sandy Capece, ECU



Extremely useful, interesting and well presented session. Up to date information, relevant to today’s environment.
Adrian MacDonald, AEC
Excellent. Very well presented, interest kept going for total time.
Kyra Bushell, Royal Perth Hospital
Serly Soedianto, ECU
Excellent! Definitely will assist in reducing time.
Georgie Monkhouse, Edith Cowan University
Excellent Course.  A must attend for minute takers.
Sylvia Hards, Clinical Services
Excellent content and ideas.
Janet Cavilla, Royal Perth Hospital
Everyone should attend. Everyone could benefit from attending this course. It could be used in any aspect of general living.
Catherine Tognini, AEC
Enjoyable course which I am sure will make minute taking much easier.
Deborah Fraser, Royal Perth Hospital
Different concept – useful and will take a bit of getting used to from me as well as participants. Just need to give it a go!
David Carbonell, Royal Perth Hospital
Darned good value, I am still terrified by databases.
Carmen Lawson, K.K. ECU
As it states, it has made my minute taking ‘quick and easy.’ Enjoyed the workshop and very informative.
Ray Smith, AEC
A new concept in minute taking and one I shall use.
Eve Martin, BDC
A dynamic presentation with heaps of good ideas.
Kim Laurie, Land Services Group
A lot of new ideas to use, happy to find that some of your recommendations I’m already doing.- Sit with chair, write agendas, use bullet points. Will implement a range of these tools to reduce quantity of note taking and improve time and task management.
Tracey Mathews, Department for Environment & Heritage
Enjoyable and very enlightening. Am starting a new position shortly – hopefully it will make me more confident in taking minutes.
Moira Djukanouc, APS3
Excellent and very informative.
Greg Heinjus, Petroleum Engineering Superintendent
For one who thought he had minute taking down to a fine art I learnt heaps of ways of managing the preparation for and conduct of meetings, with savings in time and improvements in efficiency.
Donna Sacca, Personal Assistant
Found it very useful and food for thought.
Lyn Morris, Personal Assistant
I found it very intersting and learnt some important techniques to try.  Very well presented.
Sue Baldock, PA
I found the morning session very enlightening, although implementing this format shall be a challenging one. I shall use this information to my best advantage.
Anne Allen, Board Assistant
I learnt lots. It will be interesting to try it out and see what people say.
Deb Johnson, Administration Officer
Innovation in decision making/minute taking – into the 21st century.
David Porteous, CEO/Secretary
Interesting and eye opening. Made it sound a lot easier than I thought. Very Good Speaker.
Rosemary Hutter, Personal Assistant
Intersting, interactive, informative. Good speaker, kept attention of group. Provided backup book and optional resouces. Definitely one of the most ‘lively’ courses I have attended.
Kylie Peter, Personal Assistant
It makes minute taking seem enjoyable now.
Kay Owen, Administrative Service Officer
Its going to be a real challenge to change people’s mindsets anda be more assertive – but I don’t think there’ll be a problem highlighting the benefits.
Sharyn Faulkner, Realisation Officer



Lots of tips for steamlining minute taking. Minute taking won’t seem so daunting now.
Brian O’Leary, Assistant Secretary
Most helpful and inspiring – will use immediately.
Gloria Kelly, Administrative Officer
Now I won’t have to write a book and hopefully save a few trees!
Jackie Hamdorf, Personal Assistant
Putting this concept into practice would be hugely beneficial
Heather Barr, Executive Assistant
Thank you very much it was a great help.
Angela Jones, Personal Assistant
Thank you. I hope I can get the Board to agree.
Roberto Forel, Executive Assistant
There was the one minute manager. This is the number one minute taker.
Sue Goldsworthy, Regional Public Health Nutritionist
Valuable tool to enable me to work smarter, not harder.
Christina Smith, Administrative Officer
Very beneficial and easy to understand. Staight to the point.
Cheryl McEvoy, Customer Service Officer
Very enjoyable, easily understood and David’s humour made it fun.
Danielle Pinka, Industrial Secretary
Very enjoyable, informative and useful.
Diane Evans, ASO3
Very enlightening. A very logical and sensible approach to taking minutes.
Gabi Krasowski, Project Officer
Very excited about learning this new format as my role as Admin Manager has turned into a role of typing back minutes. This will save so much time, that I can now spend on strategic management.
Erin Conlon, Branch Administrative Assistant



Very helpful, I thought the meeting was all worth while, benefited greatly.  Answered my queries, helped with confidence and made minute taking easy.
Rosemary McKay, Promotions Manager
Very informative and helpful.
Kerryn Hall, Executive Assistant
Very informative and helpful.  Could make a big difference to minute taking in my role in the future.
Lisa Keller, Branch Personal Assistant
Very informative and I shall use at my workplace.
Sue Lappas, Project Officer
Very informative and interesting. I will now set to rid of the tape recorder. I realise now that it takes too much time and it is not necessary.
June Madsen, Administrative Assistant
Very informative.
Linda Botting, Administrative Officer
Very informative.  Certainly will make a difference to future meetings I will need to take minutes for.  Well presented.
Nichelle Marple, Admin Assistant
Very informative. Great new ideas, would really like to implement them. Very creative.
Maggie Waldron, Executive Assistant
Very informative. Interesting to find out how efficient the whole process can be.
Rachel Capetanakis, Assistant Contract Administrator
Very practical, excellent and will definitely sell to the boss.
Joanne Kuschel, Executive Assistant/Accounts
Very useful information. Can’t wait to try it out!
Vanessa Saffigna, Director
Very useful and hopefully I will have no problem convincing my boss/supervisor to use the new minute document.
Kylie Wendell, Administration Officer
Very informative. Great Ideas. It helps save so much time and effort.
Saila Bolton, Executive Assistant
Very informative, had a lot of great ideas. David was very enthusiastic and intersting. For once I didn’t fell like falling asleep! I will defnately use some of your techniques.
Sharleen Free, Property Assistant
Very informative and enjoyable.
Juanita Kappu, Administration Officer
Very informative and enjoyable.
Avonlea Topel, Property Assistant
Very entertaining and enlightening – I feel empowered!
Joanne Bolton, Admin Officer
Thoroughly enjoyable! Learnt heaps of hints and tips which were useful.
Julie Dukes, Executive Secretary
The course was very informative and I came wanting to know the quickest and easiest method and this looks like it!! In ow just have to put it into practise.
Lorraine Berolah, Admin Officer
Thank you for an informative session.
Teri Crosby, Personal Assistant
Presentation was entertaining – used anecdotes to show application of processes in the workplace.
Julie Hay, Project Officer
New formatting ideas will help.
Cathy Brown, Co-ordinator Executive Support Services
Most enjoyable session. Learnt a few more tricks on minute taking especially the’short’ version – spreadsheets. Absoutely wonderful – my work will be much easier from now on.
Annie Wren, Executive Secretary
It was great: informative and fun.
Liliana Budur, Project Officer
Interesting and informative.
Bob Teerink, Secretary
I got out of todays program what we set out to achieve.
Kim Henley, Administrative Officer



I found this course very beneficial and interesting and certainly an eye opener. What I have learnt will make minute taking easier.
Karen Hollis, Co-ordination Officer
I found the program very interesting – certainly kept you on your toes. Will tak away some invaluable tips and techniques.
Susan Taylor, Exec Assistant
I can barely wait to get my days back in saved time. This is going to work like a dream. I can just see it.
Julie Ritchie, Administration Officer/ Executive Assistant
Great! Light, interesting enjoyed content. Learnt some new things.
Tracey-Anne Ellis, Marketing Consultant
Charlotte Flenady, District Director Support Officer
Fresh ideas for old problems that work!
Russell Bergman, Project Officer
Excellent!! My minute taking will change from a rambling shmozzle to a directional, meaningful task.
Paule Cochrane, Secretary
Excellent – I hope I can make a difference now.
Anita Virgo, Admin Officer
Entertaining, informative, some very good points that I will put into practice.
Billie Ward, Admin Officer
Educational and free flowing.
Bogdam. Pilat, Senior Admin Officer
Can’t wait to try out some of these ideas – won’t my boss be surprised. Hopefully this will cut down all the “after meeting” work.
Lee Howarth, Executive Services Officer
A lot to cover and not quite enough time to go in detail about how agenda/minutes etc all go together. Very well and originally presented . Delightful Presentation.
Rhondda Hay, Executive Assistant

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